Ursula Haverbeck tonight faces a prison cell where she is to serve two years jail. In Washington Occupied Germany (WOG) it is illegal to investigate and expose Holocaust fraud. Instead of being honoured for exposing a legal loophole through which tens of millions of Euros are siphoned out of Germany the 88-year old grandmother now faces a lonely cell death.
During an arraignment, as crooked as notorious Soviet eras show trials, media hacks submissively clapped the near nonagenarian’s sentence. With breath-taking chutzpah, it was the grandmother, not the state that was charged with treason.
It is well to remember that the constitution and chancellorship of Occupied Germany are illegal under international law. The last legal chancellor was that of Karl Doenitz. Seized in 1945 by the Allied occupiers the Grand-Admiral and Germany´s elected legislators were seized, gaoled or hanged. Since then, WOG chancellors and politicians have first to be approved by Washington DC.
In occupied Germany, it is a criminal offense to query victors’ propaganda even when the defendant´s case is proven beyond all shadow of a doubt. Frau Haverbeck’s lawyer argued that the sentence violated their client´s freedom of expression and called for her to be acquitted. The court likened to a North Korean secret chamber, dismissed the appeal.

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