Europeans are increasingly rejecting liberal subculture. Many Whites who date and mate non-Whites will soon be horrified at the thought of their being exposed for their indiscretions. Wherever in the world there have been unnatural race-mixing relationships children born to non-indigenous mating are stigmatised and become outcasts.

Throughout Indochina, the term Amerasian is commonly used to describe children fathered by White or Afro-Americans. Colloquially, such children are sneeringly dismissed as ‘children of the dust’. In their communities mothers of Amerasian children are branded pariahs and considered unclean.

Since the 1950s ethnic-Europeans have been subjected to ethnic-bastardisation on an unparalleled scale. Consequently, race-mixing Europeans may soon find themselves outcasts in their own communities.

If the frightful consequence of liberal-promoted unnatural mating was brought home to today’s young people they might think twice before surrendering their Race and Culture.

Ethnic-Europeans who succumb to or virulently spread race-mixing propaganda have little idea of the dreadful consequences of their actions. Social trends move fast and those who mix and mate could soon find themselves outcasts of their communities.


EUROPE ARISE Cause and Activist’s Solution, Michael Walsh.


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