Norwegian voters are likely to support the government’s anti-immigration line. However, the war of words with Sweden over immigration issues is massively boosting the country´s far-right poll ratings. Elections are to be held on September 11.

The Progress Party, which expects to see many more legislators in the Norwegian parliament, is virulently opposed to non-European immigration. The party´s poll is now a record 16.6 per cent of the vote.

Progress Party leader and Finance Minister Siv Jensen; “This is enormously motivating, a great inspiration for us all to continue the good election campaign that the Progress Party has run.”

Norwegian Immigration Minister, Sylvi Listhaug, warned Norwegians against allowing Swedish conditions to develop. The attractive ethnic-nationalist cites gang warfare, shootings, car burnings and other integration problems in Sweden’s numerous blighted areas.

Sylvi Listhaug says there were now 60 zones in which ethnic-Swedes are excluded. Employment rates in areas with the biggest presence of foreign-born residents are much lower than the national average, as opposed to violent crime and assaults against the police.


EUROPE ARISE Cause and Activist’s Solution, Michael Walsh.

Sylvi Listhaug

Norway’s Immigration Minister Sylvi Listhaug believes the biggest problem for Norwegian values is immigration.

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