Californian born Marilyn Monroe, who passed away on August 5, 1962, was a classic European beauty. The dumb blonde put-down was as undeserved as was the slur that she was a sex symbol. Monroe´s moral code was far superior to the debauched lifestyles of her movie star peers, many of whom weren´t even European.

Monroe´s so-called notoriety was based solely on her posing naked on one occasion when engaged as a model. None of the starlet´s movies could be described as raunchy; her outstanding gift was that of a comedy actress. In fact, the Euro-American was one of Hollywood´s best movie producers.

Because of her vivacity, her beauty and especially because of her impoverished beginnings, Marilyn remains a cultural icon of European good looks. Marilyn Monroe´s unexpected death at just 36 years was dismissed as probable suicide. In all probability, the beautiful film legend was murdered by barbiturates.

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