September Frühling as Washington Occupied Germany goes to the General Election polls Sunday September 24. Anti-immigration AfD (Alternative for Germany) is expected to enter the German parliament for the first time as the third-largest political party. The AfD (Alternative for Germany) has promised to launch a parliamentary inquiry into Merkel’s handling of both the migrant and Euro crises as one of its first actions upon entering the parliament.

The AfD leader Alice Weidel says, “Angela Merkel must be put on trial before a proper court. Merkel’s actions in the wake of the migrant crisis of 2015 violated both the established German and the European law.”

Alexander Gauland, 76-year-old veteran politician says, “Illegal migrants shouldn’t even be allowed into the country. We have to take our own interests into account, and taking in masses of refugees is not in the interests of Germany.”

The AfD has gained much political ground since the migrant crisis began in 2015. The party has managed to enter in 13 of the country’s 16 state parliaments.

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