The onslaught of the Valkyries is a phenomenon now sweeping the ethnic-European world. Women have had enough and growing numbers are saying so. Corporate owned liberal media is lost for words but the fiery ladies of White resistance and renaissance aren´t holding their tongues.

Here are the twelve you might care to check out. All are independent and have their own YouTube channels. More work for media companies. For example, Faith Goldy works for Rebel Media and Millie Weaver works for Infowars. Lauren Southern recently left Canadian based Rebel Media. She travels to events in the U.S to expose radical leftism. Lauren recently made videos with Generation Identitaire in France.

RageAfterStorm grew up in Germany and lives in Switzerland. The White Rose, born in South Africa now living in the UK, takes on feminism and leftism. The Swan of Tuonela is Finland based. Opposing mass immigration and multi-culturalism Swan also makes videos in Finnish on a separate channel. Wife With A Purpose is a Utah-based Mormon who describes herself as a former SJW.

Virtue of the West Brittany Pettibone is an author of the sci-fi novel Hatred Day. Based in California Virtue interviews conservative activists and is often with Tara McCarthy. Red Ice TV with Lana Lokteff and Henrik Palmgren is Sweden and lives in the U.S. She covers a wide range of issues that engage the subculture of the Untermenschen liberals.

Reality Calls with Tara McCarthy grew up in London and now lives in the U.S. Tara interviews conservative activists. Barbara4u2c is a Slovenian beauty who is going to college in Los Angeles. The cutely named Blond in the Belly of the Beast is based in the Pacific Northwest. Her speciality is taking on social justice warriors. Ann Lieven describes herself as “world’s most cynical patriot.” Stell Bell. Although Stell is only 15-years old she looks older because she wears a lot of makeup.