Ours was a far different world when in 1983 I became a journalist. Back then there was no internet. Until the onset of the liberating internet media abused their monopoly. Little did the hacks then realise that their newspapers were soon to go the same way as typewriter ribbons. Television isn´t so easily budged but its fake news is today undermined and exposed by alternative internet news.

The ethnic-European global community doesn´t have its own media. Every ethnicity, every religious faith from Baptists to Buddhists boasts their online media. The Jews of course control mainstream media. If you don’t believe me tell me when you last saw a media story that didn’t denigrate Christians and patriotic Europeans. When did you last open up a newspaper, switch on to hear or see something that made you feel proud to be White?

Alien-controlled media chronicles White trivia, debasement; it makes cheap shots at crude White (but not coloured) behaviour. Mainstream sponsors fake history. Media like the Daily Mail owned by an American Jew, sponsors race-bastardisation, porn and promotes diversity advertisements. We victims of anti-White propaganda endure anti-White spin and are made to feel White shame for our past. We are sneered at as under-achievers to be replaced by superior non-Europeans.

Crime is disproportionally coloured but this is censored, excused or downplayed by fake media. Every display of racial pride and of course barren ´gay pride´ is celebrated. But, pride in one´s European culture is sneeringly dismissed as racist, neo-Nazi or White supremacist. Coloureds attack Whites, no big deal. Whites more rarely involved in an altercation and media plays the race card.

Anti-White media promotes wars, protects warmongers, and fuels anti-White resentment and hatred. Racist media justifies or launders violence against ethnic-Europeans and promotes reverse-racism.

Then there came the counter-revolution. I dreamed that one day there would be at least one media that spoke for ethnic-Europeans. I dreamed of a media that would focus positively on European culture, exclusivity, values, history, and self-interest. Our own media in which we can read content that actually makes us feel proud of ourselves as ethnic-Europeans.

Today I have my dream and I hope The Ethnic-European will become your dream too. I want you to look into The Ethic-European and see yourself reflected in its pages. I want The Ethnic-European to empower you. To act as a rallying point for Europeans whatever their nationality, a media that will inform, educate, inspire, and make you feel good about your race.

Across the world are scattered one billion brothers and sisters whose racial heritage allows them to call Europe their Motherland. The internet could be the last chance saloon for the otherwise wandering tribes of dispossessed ethnic-Europeans.

EUROPE ARISE, Cause and Solution, Mike Walsh


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