What future for our children,

What lies ahead for youth?

It’s death in life for youngsters

When lies are sold as truth;

If we’re to dig our children’s grave,

And we’re allowed a Cross,

What words will there be written that,

Explain away their loss.


What future for our children,

If their roots are torn away,

And those denied their heritage,

Must watch each word they say,

When past and culture is denied,

Illicit word is race.

What eulogy is best for them,

That best explains disgrace.


What future for our egos,

When we let our children die,

What best explains our actions when,

To live in peace we lie;

I wish it didn’t have to be,

We gave them lambs to fleece,

When sheep are in denial,

They will barter truth for peace.

Michael Walsh. (Europe Arise)

EUROPE ARISE Cause and Activist’s Solution, Michael Walsh.


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