Whilst European media censors news of growing dissent there is seismic change affecting the 28 nations of the European Union. The collapse of the currency is openly discussed and acceptance that the political elite won’t be infallible for much longer.

Let us rewind to the 1980s when equally dispossessed peoples of the Soviet Bloc revolted against their un-elected tyrannies. We watched anti-government protests fill the Soviet occupied streets from the Baltic to the Black Sea. Police and protesters clashed, we watched as tens of thousands filled the streets of Danzig, Leipzig, Prague, Budapest, and Bucharest. Gradually, Kremlin sponsored regimes toppled. Surviving tyrants hit the roads but some never made it before being lynched by their angry dispossessed.

Again and again, we see everything going south for the equally corrupt out of touch political elites of Brussels, Britain, Germany and France. The political oligarchs sense disaster. Is Angela Merkel and France’s President Macron, Britain’s PM Theresa May to soon follow equally despised Soviet bloc despots?

Merkel & Co know that their last defences are in the police and state-controlled media. What happens when there is a breaking of the ranks as happened in the collapsing Soviet Bloc? During the Soviet Bloc’s collapse, we recall police morale plummeting followed by their refusing to obey orders to oppose demonstrators. Pro-government media held out longest.

Today, many EU nations print and stockpile pre-Euro currencies. EU media and police brace themselves for an escalation of public dissent. There are media-censored demonstrations taking place throughout Europe. If there is mention of White protests the numbers taking part are downplayed and protestors dismissed as radical fringe outfits. But, watch the independent movie clips and you see many thousands of anti-government protestors are ordinary people.

Protests invariably begin as placid gatherings. But, a combination of factors, not the least frustration and police heavy-handedness, lights the blue touch paper. Within an hour a peaceful protest can turn into open revolt. Makeshift street barricades are set up. Vehicle tyres, easily accessible, are gathered and set alight. Burning tyres scattered about a city give landscapes the appearance of Armageddon. Street lights are doused, transport infrastructure is sabotaged, banks close and ordinary life becomes precarious.

National flags are flown upside down. Tens of thousands of alarmed citizens gravitate towards protests. Fired by police brutality they too join in the fray. Darkly, everything seems to take on an impetus of its own.

Parts of cities become no-go areas for police and journalists. Many of the latter are police officers gathering information and images of demonstrators. These Fifth Column apologists may soon become fugitives. There will soon be chants calling for government buildings, police stations and media offices to be stormed.

An anarchic people become ungovernable. In a broader sense benign and violent civil disobedience sets in. Already laws are in place that makes it a criminal offence to demonstrate. In Spain, penalties for demonstrators approaching a government building are more draconian than those applied for murder and rape. When the political elite brace and prepare for massive dissent then ordinary people are ready to do so.


EUROPE ARISE Cause and Activist’s Solution, Michael Walsh.

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