Europe is suffering a tsunami of sex attacks amid the crisis consequential of the waves of incoming non-Europeans. Hundreds of women in Cologne were robbed, threatened and sexually assaulted by small groups of aggressive men, mostly of Arab and North African origin. Several similar incidents were reported on the same day in Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, and Berlin and later in Finland, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, and Sweden.

Frauke Petri, leader of Alternative for Germany Party: “The level of security in Germany has dramatically dropped.Last week, a male described as being of a “southern” appearance brutally raped a German woman in her 50s who was jogging in the popular Rosenthal Park in central Leipzig.”

She added that the migration policy of the German government is untenable. “I live about a mile and a half from this place, and my children regularly move around Leipzig alone when they go jogging. It [the incident] shows that the security situation in Germany has significantly deteriorated under Merkel´s chancellorship.

“When it comes to criminal activities among foreigners, the state needs to limit their sources and eradicate their causes. They must start with German borders, which must be finally protected. And if we have criminals, then they need to be expelled…. We have problems at the moment because the German government has learned nothing from the 2015 migration crisis.”

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  • Feminism reaps its rewards….


  • I have visited Munich frequently over the last 20 years. It has gone from being a nostalgic beautiful city full of Germans to one where vast swaths of it look like Turkey or North Africa. Even the beer kellers where alcohol and pork is sold in abundance have non whites dressed in the traditional lederhosen.


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