Across the European Union, the United States and South Africa the police surrender to the inescapable; they are no longer able to control the consequences of criminal activity committed by non-Europeans.

The spectre of vigilantism has never before threatened the White world as it does today. Predictably, corporate media will sing to each regime´s hymn sheet in condemning the calming and self-defensive presence of White vigilantism.

Those who see urban vigilantes as taking the law into their own hands point out that media never condemned non-European vigilante gangs and their setting up no-go zones. If ethnic-Europeans turn their communities into no-go zones and use vigilantes to maintain the integrity of ethnic-European communities why should leftist media react piously against Whites doing likewise?

The police, less predictable than media´s leftists, will investigate, condemn or quietly sanction White vigilantism according to the local situation. Many police officers will secretly welcome support and are likely to turn a blind eye unless vigilantism turns really ugly.

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  • If the govt’s won’t realise what is happening and champion the rights of the Islamist religions against their own countrymen, it is time for vigilantes, however it is no use the few trying to retain their own country it needs total collaboration from all the people it is almost certain that the majority of the armed forces would aid and abet their own countrymen as most of them would agree we cannot afford to relinquish our country to these people who openly defy our police and preach hate and their intentions to make the country a caliphate. Europe take your country back before it is too late.

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