From the Baltic to the Mediterranean ethnic-Europeans are voting against the coloured invasion with their feet. An incredible 1.2 million Britons have chosen exile rather than endure an existence in a country dubbed Absurdistan.

The majority (900,000) have moved to Europe, mainly to White locations in Spain (300,000), France, Germany and Ireland and settled in areas relatively free of non-Europeans. The true figures could be at least 1 million higher as many Europeans relocating to less effected parts don´t both to register their presence.

The immigration crisis is said to be responsible for a doubling of UK pensioners selling up and moving to Spain. Bob and Maureen, who live on the Costa Blanca, rarely visit their home country. Bob describes the experience depressing; his wife says they will never return willingly to the land of their birth.

A similar picture emerges across Europe. Those who for career or family reasons are unable to move to Spain and rural France are pushed out of their home country´s town and city urbanisations.

The mayors of London, Birmingham (Britain’s second largest city), Leeds, Blackburn, Sheffield, Oxford, Luton, Oldham and Rochdale are now Muslims. In Britain is situated over 3,000 mosques, 130 Muslim Sharia Courts of Law and over 50 Muslim Sharia Councils.

The financial burdens that accompany the invasion are borne primarily by Britain’s intimidated ethnic-European communities. Statistically, 78% of Muslim women are on benefits and receive free housing, healthcare, education, even clothing and furniture.

It is revealed that 63% of Muslim men are unemployed and largely kept by the long-suffering British. As non-Europeans traditionally have 6 to 8 children, non-Europeans outbreed and quickly displace ethnic-Europeans. Most immigrants and refugees are passengers on the EU gravy train. Although regime-controlled mainstream media censor it the new refugees in Europe are Whites displaced by non-Europeans.

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  • Scary but true. We need to make absolutely sure that this doesn’t happen in our country! This is America and it is not the Middle East. If we don’t want to lose our identity we have to fight for it. We can’t sell out to politicians who want to take in every displaced person in the world because we do it at the sacrifice of our national identity and trust me to be American is something special and unique. We can’t lose it like Britain is losing its identity! Read this article and tell me I’m wrong. The mayors of the two largest cities in England are Muslim. It’s all because the English want to be “nice”.


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