“This generation is burning the mass media to the ground. We are reclaiming our rights to world history.” –  Dissident journalist Julian Assange.

CIA controlled Facebook and corporate owned Gmail, YouTube, Pinterest and similar are in a state of shock. They will not openly admit it but mainstream media is no longer supreme. Online news streams like The Ethnic-European are now more trusted than corporate media. Millions turn to alternative media to catch up on news and views that are suppressed by alien-owned newspapers, television and radio broadcasters.

Ironically, corporate owned social media censorship of White dissent is changing the habits of ethnic-Europeans. Millions of ethnic-Europeans, spurned by mainstream, turn to independent news streams like The Ethnic-European to see what mainstream is not allowing them to see and read.

European users of Facebook constantly receive up to 30-day blocks for posting innocent memes depicting European beauties bearing innocuous captions. Mainstream media is now seen to be institutionally anti-White racist as are the police. 

Beat the ban by becoming a follower of the Ethnic European news stream. Click the link and scrolling down the right hand column click ´Follow my Blog´. Even if the The Ethnic-European is blocked by Zuckerberg and Co you receive in your mailbox news stories as they break.

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