A head of steam building up is fuelling speculation as to what happens to legislators when the West descends into chaos. There are many examples. Fearing Reich retaliation for Churchill´s 1939 War the elite in 1940 prepared to abandon the working classes to their fate.

The Duke of Windsor was appointed Governor of the Bahamas whilst Britain´s gold reserves were shipped to Ottawa.  The Minister of Information, Alfred Duff Cooper sent his son Julius to Canada but failed to inform everyone.  Parents who could afford to do so sent their families to America or the Commonwealth.  Royal Navy ships were placed on standby to evacuate members of the Royal Family and key members of the government to the United States.

During the 1980s collapse of the Eastern Bloc the toppled tyrants fled to the USSR or sought sanctuary in Western Europe. Romanian President Nicolae Ceausescu and his family died in a hail of bullets. Controlled Western media stayed tight-lipped about the whereabouts of many ousted Soviet dictators.

Today, the European Union´s two unelected presidents, EU Commissioners, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other failed EU leaders consider their exit options. Ukraine´s Jewish oligarch President Peter Poroshenko and cronies, hold US, Canadian and Israeli passports. Many EU leaders hold Canadian and US passports.

British Prime Minister Theresa May will likely retire to cozy anonymity in the Home Counties. French President Emanuel Macron may find living in France perilous. He and his wife would likely go off the radar.

When a regime splinters the collateral damage effects the state apparatchiks. Civil Service boot-lickers, state police bosses and media hacks find themselves jobless. Many seek anonymity or choose exile where they can avoid repercussions of years of betrayal.

The latter will almost certainly include state functionaries, political agitators and unrepentant recidivists set to be rounded up and placed in internment prior to trial by jury.

Is such a prophecy far-fetched? Not at all; this was the outcome in Russia, Soviet Bloc, Far East and Middle East, scores of countries and power blocs, since 1945. Western leaders are not as comfortable in their four-poster beds as they would like us to believe.

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