A mid-European crisis blamed for a surge in over 4.5 million ethnic-European exiles places Germany in the Hall of Shame. Sharing blame for the U.S-backed February 2014 coup which ousted elected President Yanukovych, Europe´s largest nation, has been reduced to levels of poverty similar to that of Robert Mugabe ruled Zimbabwe (Rhodesia).

Hardship in Ukraine, Europe´s richest country in natural resources, has brought about a crisis that displaces 15% of the wrecked country’s population. In a desperate search for work and bread 4.5 million Ukrainians fled abroad, mostly to Russia.

A further 2.6 million Ukrainians are classed as European refugees. But, the Merkel regime accepted only 150 from Berlin´s hell. Ironically, when in 1942 the Workers Reich liberated Ukraine from the Bolsheviks the German High Command reminded their armies that Ukrainians shared their blood and religion.

Ukraine, during the Soviet Occupation, was the scientific and engineering powerhouse of the USSR. This is the country globalists (Bolsheviks) now turn into a European Somalia.

Ignored by media, Ukraine is also caught up in a vicious Civil War. In war-torn Eastern Donbass, lacking basic forms of sustenance, over 2 million Ukrainians barely exist below the poverty level. Where is media skulking?

Fearful of Washington DC supported Jewish oligarch Ukrainian President Poroshenko, fleeing Christians prefer life in air raid shelters to escape the NATO supplied repressive forces of the Kiev regime.

Why did the EU welcome anti-Christian Middle Eastern and African invaders and not distressed fellow Europeans of Christian faith? Ukraine is physically in Europe, and it shares cultural links with places like Germany and Sweden, who seemed so eager to help the Syrian people. Kiev itself was founded by the Vikings.

It is interesting that people recognise an enemy only when attired in an unfamiliar uniform. Place Angela Merkel and her repressive legislators in U.S Army or Red Army uniforms and the peoples of Occupied Germany might begin to wake up to reality.

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