“A people who elect crooked politicians are not electors, they are accomplices.” – George Orwell. Wealthy Swedes recently got a taste of their own poison when ethno-nationalists showed remarkable enterprise.


Sweden´s dumb electorate are notorious for electing the Grim Reapers of Nation States. Fine, thanks to ethnic-patriots Sweden´s self-hating Whites received a dawn chorus as reminder of what they had foisted on their fellow Swedes.

The ethno-nationalists took their van and played the nation killers’ death bells through amplifiers. Rubbing the daylight into their eyes wealthy Swedes were woken by the Muslim imam’s call to prayer. Why not, they voted for it.

Wealthier Swedes own homes in exclusive communities and are untouched by the Islamic invasion. Many own second homes in Mediterranean Spain. From their sun-kissed bunkers the wealthier Swedish self-haters use the internet to watch the horrors of the Islamic invasion let loose on their less well-off fellow Swedes.

Multiculturalism comes to Saltsjöbaden

One comment

  • These police are too cowardly to enter all the Muslim no-go zones. Yet they act like ‘the big man’ strutting around the kind folk who are sharing diversity with the wealthy who are promoting it ‘but not in my street’!


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