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Génération Identitaire Storms Britain

Génération Identitaire has launched an all-out assault on Britain. Such is the success of Antifa Génération Identitaire that the political elite, media, and police are in a blind panic. Their horror is shared by the anti-Fascist alliance (Antifa). It has been said that Génération Identitaire is the only antidote to the liberal-left race-mixing cabal.

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Britain’s self-styled newspaper, Daily Mail, is furious that Finns, big men with backbone, defend their womenfolk from rapeugees. Describing patrolling patriots as ‘vigilantes’, the Daily Mail story is peppered with Antifa buzzwords: ‘this group of men’, ‘neo-Nazi’, ‘a gang of vigilantes led by a violent neo-Nazi,’ and ‘far-Right fascists, as they pounded the streets of Kemi.’

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It remains to be seen how long it takes for much of the world to recover from the NATO West’s catastrophic foreign policies. My primary interest in a truly free press is my looking forward to watching wretched former government ministers squirm as they are grilled by TV presenters who aren’t PR apparatchiks for the political elite.

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