Why is the EU trying to recreate the USSR, asked the Soviet Union’s last president, Mikhail Gorbachev?  Undeniably, the EU was modelled on the USSR. Neither of its two presidents has been elected, nor have the EU 27 commissioners who effectively govern the European Union. The purpose of the European Parliament is purely advisory.

Today, there is undeniably an epic revolution sweeping through much of the Western nations that comprise the splintering European Union. Mainstream media is doing its utmost to put the lid on it or dismiss protestors as neo-Nazis but the slurs don’t work anymore.

The European Union is collapsing. What we are about to witness is an action replay of the collapse of the Soviet Union’s 16-nation Eastern Bloc.

In Catalonia, 337 people have been injured during pro-democracy clashes. Unwilling to permit a plebiscite on the province’s bid for independence; the unpopular Madrid regime launched an armada of ships filled with state militia to sail to Barcelona to block the referendum by force of arms.

Most of the injured are victims of repeated police charges in which nightsticks and rubber bullets were used on protestors. The marches are far from being experienced demonstrators. Those hurt include grandparents, mums, and dads, teenagers. Even children have been badly wounded and traumatised by a state brutalised Guardia Civil, National Police, and militia.

Horrifyingly, what is happening in Western Europe today is what occurred during the late 1980s in Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Romania, and the Baltic States before the collapse of the Soviet Bloc.

In Komsomol Pravda journalist Zahar Prilepin argues: ‘The EU in the worst sense of the word is very much the new USSR.’ This question was posed by the last President of the USSR, Mikhail Gorbachev:Why is the EU trying to recreate the USSR?’

Every week hundreds of anti-government protests take place in most of Western Europe’s EU member states. From the Arctic Circle, Finland to the Mediterranean Sea, the citizens are now tightening belts, preparing for the collapse either of government or the Euro currency. EU regimes are bracing themselves for civil disturbances, rights, demonstrations, urban resistance. The days of fence sitting are over.

“Either we kill Islamism or it will kill us. You are with us and against Islamism, or you are against us and for Islamism. Those who choose the latter become complicit with our enemies.” – Marion Le Pen.

Europe Arise: Europe in Flames Cause and Solution by Michael Walsh

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