Rhodesia’s contribution to her mother country during the Boer War, the Great War and World War II is remarkable. Yet today Rhodesia, since renamed Zimbabwe, symbolises the foulest Westminster treachery.

Rhodesia (1922 ~ 1979) was never threatened by any power save that of Britain and the U.S. The only country to take up arms against Rhodesia was their motherland.

From the moment Rhodesia’s parliament voted for independence in 1965, a right granted to other British colonies, the men and women of Rhodesia fought British firepower that was backed by British taxpayers money and the propaganda of Britain’s corrupt media.  During this epic David and Goliath struggle from 1965 ~ 1978) Britain’s ruling elite allied itself with Africa’s ISIS / DAESH.

Before the beleaguered Rhodesia capitulated in 1978 Britain prepared to send Britain’s armed forces to assist Communist-backed terrorists in overthrowing Africa’s most prosperous multi-racial and benign nation.

In 1995 a document was released by the UK’s Public Record Office under the 30 years rule. This document outlined preparation for the invasion of Rhodesia by Britain’s Ministry of Defence’s Chief of Staff Committee. Marked ‘UK Eyes Only, Top Secret’, the document describes a contingency plan for the invasion of Rhodesia.

The planners strongly advised the government against military intervention. It was pointed out that there was no direct access to Rhodesia by sea. The only available land access involved a journey of more than 1,000 miles along what were often little more than dirt tracks. The risk of British failure was high. “The invasion of a country with Rhodesia’s military capability under these conditions would, we believe, be without precedent.”

Any assault would, therefore, need to be air-based. Troops would have to be flown in, following a pre-emptive strike against Rhodesian Air Force airfields. It was envisaged that five brigades would be required; however, this was beyond the capability of Britain:

“The capability of our airlift is such that the maximum force that we could introduce and maintain would be two brigades, three short of the required force. The assembly of this force with all its equipment in Africa would take two and a half months and its introduction from there into Rhodesia would take another month.”

The town of Umtali was suggested as the best starting point, as the Rhodesian bush town was lightly defended. The Americans offered the use of C130 transport aircraft to assist. The assault would have used British paratroopers and the main target Salisbury.

It was envisaged that two battalions of paratroopers would be flown in during a 24 hour period. This represented the maximum speed of deployment possible. The Royal Navy would maintain a flotilla stationed at Marxist Beira in Mozambique. All supplies except fuel would have to be flown in.

There was concern over the capabilities of the Rhodesian Air Force. Despite the planned pre-emptive strikes, it could not be guaranteed that all the Rhodesian Hunters and Vampires would be destroyed, thereby posing a significant threat to British and American attacking transport aircraft. The planners were also wary of Rhodesian manpower. It was estimated that Rhodesia could field 11 major army units within a matter of days. Mobilisation would require just 36-hours’ notice.

Accordingly, the planners concluded: “To intervene with a reasonable chance of success against such opposition, fighting stubbornly on its own ground, assisted by ‘small adhoc’ bands of White and Black guerrillas and perhaps White police’, would require five brigades with artillery support.”

The report went on to say, “In the existing circumstances British forces could not intervene successfully in Rhodesia.”

Fortunately, and despite the enthusiasm for war by the British Liberal Party and the Archbishop of Canterbury, the British invasion of Rhodesia never took place. Instead, the nation’s overthrow was achieved by assisting Robert Mugabe’s Soviet-backed mercenaries. (THANK YOU FOR SHARING AND ENLIGHTENING OTHERS).


collage_Africa books


AFRICA’S KILLING FIELDS. Victims of the Liberal-Left, Michael Walsh.

AFRICA’S KILLING FIELDS.  Victims of the Liberal-Left, Michael Walsh. Kindle Edition

RHODESIA’S DEATH EUROPE’S FUNERAL. Britain declares war on Britain. Michael Walsh.

THE LAST GLADIATORS Fiancés of Death. Africa’s mercenaries, their deeds, deaths, and destinies. Michael Walsh.

A LEOPARD IN LIVERPOOL Revenge of a Predator. Vigilante similar to Death Wish. Michael Walsh.

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