Facebook is reportedly seeking to hire hundreds of employees with U.S. national security clearance licenses. The aim is, they say, to weed out fake news and ‘foreign meddling’. Strangely, this is the reason why North Korea’s Kim Jong-un slams the door on social media use.


If this ploy, reported by Bloomberg, sounds sinister, that’s because it is sinister. Facebook staff sharing the same worldview as U.S. intelligence agencies will have a direct bearing on what millions of consumers on Facebook are permitted to access.

The devious gambit is as close as it gets to outright U.S. Big Brother government censorship on the internet as one can dare to imagine.

As Bloomberg reports: “Facebook plans to use these people, and their ability to receive government information about potential threats, in the company’s attempt to search more proactively for questionable social media campaigns ahead of elections.”

Over the past year, since the election of Donald Trump as U.S. president, the political discourse has been dominated by “Russia-gate”. This is the bizarre notion that somehow Kremlin-controlled hackers and news media meddled in the U.S. election. The media angst in the U.S. is comparable to the Red Scare paranoia of the 1950s during the Cold War.

U.S. hysteria over election meddling is rank hypocrisy. The results of a recent survey conducted by Ifop reveal that the peoples of Europe who believe that it is the U.S., not Russia, who interferes into foreign elections.

According to Dr. Cristian Nitoiu, a specialist in EU-Russia Relations at London School of Economics (LSE) says, “The US is seeking to change the existing order in those countries where the political system differs from Western notions of democracy. U.S. embassies around the world are often anecdotally seen as the place where the final outcome of elections is decided.”

Mark Zuckerberg, the CIA’s 33-year-old face of Facebook, initially rejected claims his company had unwittingly assisted Russian interference in the last US in November. However, their Hebraic thieving fingers have been caught in the till and after months of allegations by politicians and prominent news media outlets vilifying Russia, Zuckerberg and the other social media the fake news broadcasters like Facebook are buckling.


Facebook are masters of fake news. Much of the allegations about Russian meddling in elections are recycled CIA, Pentagon, and Congress press releases. Despite the irrational focus on Russian meddling, internet companies like Facebook have become willing participants in the official efforts to clamp down on this illusory “enemy of democracy.”


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