As predicted by The Ethnic European, October 14, for the first time in the history of the Czech Republic the Czech centrist movement came first in all 13 districts of the country in a hotly-contested parliamentary election.

The outcome will mean another crack in the splintering Russian sanctions EU faction. The Czech election results will also be another nail driven into the George Soros / Berlin conspiracy to flood Western Europe with Third World scroungers.  

The Czech Centrist Movement (ANO) easily won the country’s parliamentary election with 29.64% of the votes. (The Statistical Office).

According to the final results of the vote, the Civic Democratic Party (ODS) came second with 11.32% of the votes, followed by the Czech Pirate Party 10.79% and Freedom and Direct Democracy movement SPD 10.64%. The Communists and Leftist parties were routed having collected a laughable 7.76% and 7.27% of the votes respectively.

Globalists squatting in Brussels and Berlin will be fuming. Within days of anti-immigrant pro-Russian Sebastian Kurz being elected to lead Austria, the Czech Republic elects ANO. The Party is a centrist, populist, Eurosceptic, business-friendly party led by Andrej Babis. The businessman-politician has been dubbed the Czech Trump. The pragmatist and his party came first in all 13 districts of the country.

Babis expressed his gratitude to the supporters and said the movement was open for cooperation with all political forces in the country. Experts are characterizing the politician as a Eurosceptic, who criticizes Brussels on a regular basis. According to the country’s Statistical Office, the turnout made almost 61%, with over 8.37 million voters casting their ballots.


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