Génération Identitaire Storms Britain

Génération Identitaire has launched an all-out assault on Britain. Such is the success of pro-Europe Génération Identitaire that the political elite, media, and police are in blind panic. Their horror is shared by the anti-Fascist alliance (Antifa). It has been said that Génération Identitaire is the only antidote to the liberal-left race-mixing cabal.

Génération Identitaire has united ethnic-Europeans in Canada, the U.S. and many nations across the European Union. Their recent triumphs against corruption and race-bastardisation have shocked media. The latest upset is news that Génération Identitaire is about to ramp up its presence in Britain.

Génération Identitaire achieved global acclaim when it blocked the roads to the Calais migrant camp.  Génération Identitaire also attempted to ambush and block a George Soros funded ‘charity vessel’ people smuggling migrants from Libya into an Italian port. The ambitious initiative received hostile news coverage.

Génération Identitaire sets out its stall to preserve Europe, its peoples, culture, and roots. Now in its fifth year, the French-founded movement, which intends to end the Islamisation of Europe, has now set its sights on the UK.

Otherwise known as Generation Identity (GI), Génération Identitaire took a boat out to the Search and Rescue Zone off Libya to gather evidence against Soros-funded NGOs trafficking economic marauders by bringing them to Europe. Their vessel, the ‘C-star’, was detained and crew members were arrested.

Suppression of Génération Identitaire has had the opposite effect from that intended. The membership and support for Génération Identitaire has rocketed. Russia Today concedes that “support continued to grow and donations flooded into the group, made up of young, media-savvy campaigners.”

Using sophisticated videos and appeals, the group capitalised on public concerns as hundreds of thousands of marauding migrants descended on Europe following the EU’s open door policy. Russian media discloses that Génération Identitaire received thousands of pounds from the UK for its Defend Europe campaign.

Now, GI intends to open up a British movement.  Austrian co-leader of Génération Identitaire Martin Sellner was among those who visited London, along with American ‘alt-right’ activist Brittany Pettibone.

Britain’s media and police lament that Génération Identitaire is weaponising internet culture and spreading its message. Génération Identitaire has seen that there is a gap because Britain has traditionalist street movements like the English Defence League (EDL) and British National Party (BNP) and National Front.

Génération Identitaire is led by intelligent strategists who can call on a formidable array of highly sophisticated means, enough to disembowel mainstream media.

The Independent, notorious for acting as a PR bullhorn for the Antifa, is indignant. “They (Génération Identitaire) have learnt to be very careful how they portray the movement publicly but inside their channels you see a very different rhetoric. It’s really interesting to listen to them try to mainstream their views as publicly acceptable.”

Media, outraged at the success of the success of the anti-refugee Génération Identitaire, says, “Among their ranks are holocaust investigators and neo-Nazis (any who resist immigration) and supporters of Michael Walsh and David Duke. Others include the popular Canadian online political commentator Lauren Southern, who has a huge internet following.

The growing popularity of the movement has head-butted leftists.  Antifa alliance, speaking on behalf of the British media and police authorities, say, “Génération Identitaire has mastered the art of making racist rhetoric look like a political message. Uncovered was evidence of troll armies which bolster the ethnic-European agenda online, pushing campaigns and starting successful hashtags.

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  • Well done boys and girls. Thouasnds if not millions of Brits are with you.

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  • I’m so pleased that he GI’s have begun to discover a new language to counter the hitherto unstoppable language of the far Left. Well done! The right to be European will be won by language I am sure.

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  • Michael Woodbridge

    “Antifa alliance, speaking on behalf of the British media and police authorities, say, “Génération Identitaire has mastered the art of making racist rhetoric look like a political message.”
    A most telling statement..! So as we suspected all along,the ‘Antifa’ terroist group now speaks for the police authorities and so called “British” media.

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  • LOVE it! At last……the Sleeping Giant Awakens!
    We despise those who dare to call our decent and brave young people that are rightly defending all their ethnic-European sovereign nations against enemy invaders “neonazis”. As for the attempt to turn the reasonable activity of ‘investigating the holocaust’ into a dirty deed – – – I would ask, What Are (((they))) Trying To Hide From The World?
    And why has BREXIT been Stopped by Theresa MayNot?

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    • A most excellent organisation, and much delayed.
      Together, with native wisdom, we can show what astonishing, we Europeans, with our genious, can achieve, in a world more glorious and happy, than has ever been seen on earth before.
      But please dump the failed neo’s who never achieved anything in the past.


  • Great news! We’ve been watching GI’s progress and its heartwarming to see. Unite our identity, take no prisoners.

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  • Margaret Robinson

    Had hoped to find more support on here. They have the same objectives as us. Stop mass immigration. They are a serious and disciplined movement looking for committed people to join and work with them for our future. There are several videos on liberty FB page but you need to scroll down to reach them. This movement has now gone western world wide. Please at least look and listen


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