The anti-White media and broad left caucus are horrified by an inspired ethnic-European initiative for which there is no known antidote. Like all the best ideas it is as simple as the wheel.

The It’s Okay to be White campaign involves printing and posting around major cities and especially college campuses, an innocuous flyer with just one simple phrase: 


Described as a jujitsu strategy the It’s Okay to be White approach uses the left’s own weight against them. The strategy is an ingenious method to flush out anti-White libtards (liberal retards); media’s self-styled journalists, the liberal caucus.

Its Okay to be White 2

The It’s Okay to be White tactic is as good as it gets. A negative reaction labels the critic as an anti-White racist. The It’s Okay to be White stratagem renders impotent the cancerous left who endlessly slobber over non-Europeans.

Media’s outraged response to the It’s Okay to be White flyers now appearing across the world has worked better than any number of pro-White rallies. The left’s spontaneous combustion over this innocent expression proves there is, in fact, a well-oiled orchestrated conspiracy against ethnic-Europeans. The Washington Post is frothing at the mouth, claiming it is ‘an effort to spark racial division’. But, it’s okay to be Black, Hispanic, Asian, Gay, and that doesn’t divide the races? 

Ethnic-Europeans globally have been caught on the back foot by the speed, ferocity, and magnitude of the Blame Whites for Everything contagion. Ethnic-Europeans found themselves stunned and defenseless against the anti-White propaganda of the White-hating broad left.


A delighted European says; “It will be interesting to see if someone is caught distributing it’s Okay to be White fliers. Any negative action taken will rebound and intensify debate, the last thing the broad left want.”

The cancerous caucus of White-hating groups include legislative bodies, government agencies, academia, Antifa, media and sinister White-hating leftist conspirators.

SPUTNIK International reports: “According to a post at 4chan, the participants could’ve carried out the deed on Halloween night while wearing Halloween costumes for anonymity, so that the following morning ‘the media goes completely berserk.’

A number of Twitter users welcomed the campaign, some of them jokingly inquiring about why anyone would feel offended by the ‘It’s Okay to Be White’ statement.

Its Okay to be White 4

Twitter comments include: “Imagine living in a world where a leaflet/poster stating “it’s okay to be white” is considered racist, lol.” ‘It’s Okay To Be White’ flyers are bothersome because we’ve come to believe it’s not okay to be White.’ ‘They released security footage of a kid posting flyers that only say IT’S OKAY TO BE WHITE? this is so unreal.’

Will the It’s Alright to be White response be defined as ‘hate speech’, ‘white supremacist’, ‘neo-Nazi’, ‘extreme right’? Will those caught posting It’s Okay to be White signature on their emails by denounced as haters? This tactic will make the broad left look even more sinister ~ and subversive.

Europe Arise: Europe in Flames Cause and Solution

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  • michaelwalshwriter



    • “It’s okay to be white” sounds a bit like B.F. Skinner’s BEYOND DIGNITY AND FREEDOM essay . Too many people are starting to feel the Bern of the current operant behavioralism . . . And guilt , like cute , only goes so far .

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  • How come it’s taken a billion European people around the planet so long to come up with a message so simple? Maybe it’s a timing thing where the problem needs to just get so bad that an inventor will step in with a ‘Banksy’ style statement creating a defining moment that ‘marks’ the extended point of the anti-white pendulum swing. I’d like to shake that inventors hand; and the people that put up the posters, one and all.

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    • Agreed. This whipping up of anti-White/White Guilt hysteria aided by all mainstream media and academia has gone too far as it is poisoning our children’s minds.

      I’d take the next step – let every ethnic-European around the world wherever that may be, put up a poster saying “ITS OKAY TO BE WHITE”. Then you will HAVE that anti-White pendulum momentum to nullify the anti-White ,’White Guilt’ brigade agenda.

      This is the time to move from passivity into RE-ACTION, using a piece of paper as our ‘weapon’. Perhaps the White haters will retort by lobbying our governments for ‘paper control’……

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      • Agreed . It’s okay to be white , but us quasi-white people still expect whites to still “do their part” and not just “look the part” . That is what makes a republic great .


  • Ponder this – in 1912 ethnic-Europeans were 36% of the world’s population.
    But today ethnic-Europeans are only 8% of the world’s population and still falling.
    By approx 1940 ethnic-Europeans will become MINORITIES in all ethnic-European nations.
    Despite this, all ethnic-European nations are purposefully being flooded with non-ethnic-Europeans.
    What is the Agenda?

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    • Presume 1940 is a typo and you mean 2040. The ‘agenda’ is to misegenise the Europeans into a new non-white race with lower IQ and in this way make them more pliable to the new world order, not to come but that’s already here. All western governments are at it from the UN down. I don’t have all the answers but check out: Peter Southerland, UN minister for European diversity; Frans Timmerman, EU Vice President, Diversity; Barbera Spectre, Sweden’s diversity advisor. There you have it at Global, Regional, National levels. These people are just the tip of the diversity ice berg. There main justifications appear to be that white people are responsible for wars and white people grow old.


      • Yes, Ian, you are correct – I meant to write 2040 not 1940. Thank you for pointing it out and correcting for others who may read it.
        You are spot on regards the Jewish-led KALERGI PLAN which intends to genocide the ethnic-European race through mixed breeding as Whites are in the way of their Zionist World Revolution for World Domination. Every ethnic-European nation is under occupation as well as under mind-control via MSM. NEVER watch the television, folks!
        This is good info about the true agenda for “White Studies” which is the opposite of “Black Studies”, “Asian Studies” etc:

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