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A former British National Party organiser who resisted the British regime’s race treachery has been found dead just days before he was due to appear in court. Paul Hickman, 37, was a leading member of National Action, a party outlawed by UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd. Unlike the highly placed government minister, neither Paul Hickman nor National Action had anything to hide; both were transparent and law-abiding.

On the other hand, the controversial government minister and her henchmen, backed by police and media, have gone to great efforts to hide her common-law husband’s Ghanaian nationality.

The mother of two daughters from a former marriage was accused of a conflict of interest after she outlawed the legitimate National Action Party. A former investment banker, Amber Rudd is ‘married’ to 12 years junior Ghanaian Kwasi Alfred Addo Kwarteng.

The success of the National Action Party was in its organisational discipline. This enabled it to carry out hit-and-run Yellow Vest strategy demonstrations that couldn’t be police controlled. Among its members were ex-servicemen since been labeled ‘terrorists’ by media and the governing regime.

Last year Hickman, of Norrington Road, Northfield, was charged with what government and media describe as ‘race hate offences’ after anti-immigration stickers were displayed at Aston University.

The court case scheduled for November 20 had been delayed until the victim’s death certificate has been produced. It can be presumed that the political dissident would still be alive had he not been hounded to his death by government, police, and media.

Compare Paul’s case with that of Steve Biko. In 1977 the South African anti-White activist died in similar circumstances. From that day to this mainstream media has constantly canonised, lauded and carried on a campaign drawing attention to Biko’s death whilst in South African police custody. Nothing describes better the foul anti-White racism of mainstream media, its proprietors, editors and leftist scribblers.

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