Recently, an elderly woman who had been born and raised in the German Democratic Republic (GDR) said life in the Soviet satellite state was better than life in Angela Merkel’s Washington Occupied Germany (WOG).

Her pessimism is supported by hard evidence that in Merkel ruled Germany the elderly are treated as badly today as were their parents in devastated Germany in 1945. The anti-German pogrom is unstoppable.

A viral image of a letter from German authorities to an 85-year-old pensioner with dementia, who was slapped with a fine for sitting on a bench at a bus stop in Düsseldorf, is causing outrage among German internet users.


An eight-minute sit-down turned out to be rather expensive for an 85-year-old German pensioner who was fined €35 ($42) for stopping for a rest at a bus stop in the centre of Düsseldorf.

His plight has caught the attention of users of social networks, who are sharing an image of a letter he was sent by city authorities.

“”You did not use the public transport facility at the aforementioned location in accordance with its purpose and used it as a resting place. Public transport facilities should only be used for public transport purposes.”

The official Twitter account of the city of Düsseldorf responded to questions and promised to investigate the matter and rescind the fine if it was issued in error.

“Is this letter real?” one Twitter user asked.  The photo was first published by an acquaintance of the man, who was walking his dog when he stopped for a brief rest.

“Subsidized travel for poor people in North Rhine-Westphalia is being cut. An 85-year-old man with dementia has to pay a €35 penalty because he rested at a bus stop for 8 minutes. How broke is North Rhine-Westphalia actually?”

“Would law enforcement have had as much courage if it had been a group of underage Syrians?”

The city authorities said checks are made by city authorities to ensure that seats at bus stops, particularly in the city centre, are used only for their primary purpose, waiting for a bus.

Zaum said the man regularly walks his dog in the area and employees had apparently spoken to him before to warn him against sitting at the bus stop.

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One comment

  • This is the insanity that comes from the moral nihilism of Cultural Marxism.

    A weary, old person is more of a nuisance or threat to public safety than the raping gangs of immigrant thugs?!


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