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Looting the Truth

Nothing better illustrates the deviousness of media than their stories of art allegedly looted by the ‘Nazis’. The camera doesn’t lie; to television viewers and the media’s trusting readership photographic evidence of German wickedness appears undeniable.
The media’s poison-pen scribes should first have heeded the words of Mark Twain, a far better journalist than they could ever be.

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In terms of material wealth, Hitler’s Germany was second only to the United States. Without absolute certainty, it can be said that the German people were wealthier, healthier and happier than any other peoples on earth. Germany was ripe for plunder.
A taboo topic is the Allied ransacking of the defeated Reich. From 1939, at the cost of tens of millions of lives, the Allies rejected multiple perfectly reasonable sensible peace offers.

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This is the last show of 2017 and what is wrong with leaving the best to the last; let the listeners decide that. In this show, Mike and Andy thank you sincerely for the support you have given to us over the past year. Here is an aperitif to hopefully put a little sparkle in your bubbly as we kiss what has been a great year for us, goodbye. Warm-hearted Christmas salutations from your hosts, Andy and Mike.

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Shoot, Loot, and Scoot

The Soviet system built its reputation on all for one and one for all. This seems to be a euphemism for what’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine.
By December 1941 the Soviets realised that the near-defeated Bolshevik State was certain to be rescued by the U.S and Britain. If a working alliance with Britain and the U.S could turn defeat into victory the pillaging of Democratic Germany could commence.

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In terms of manufacturing wealth, Hitler’s Germany was second only to the United States. During the hungry thirties 7 million Americans died of hunger and hunger-related diseases; in the UK things were as dire. Bolshevik Occupied Russia; let’s not go there.
A taboo topic is the Allied plunder of the defeated Reich. From the onset of war and the cost of millions of lives (and 6 million Jews so we’re told), the Allies constantly spurned Germany’s many reasonable peace offers. To accept would jeopardise opportunity to ransack the Reich.

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