Life in Hitler’s Reich was better than anywhere else on earth. For nearly 13 years ordinary workers enjoyed a lifestyle equalled only by the rich and famous.

Life in the Reich Book Cover

SORRY: Despite its popularity, Amazon will no longer take orders for Life in the Reich.

From 1933 to 1945 Hitler’s Germany led the world in fashion, medicine, cinema, manufacturing, superior lifestyle, transport, facilities, public services, cutting-edge science, healthcare, and education. The happiest people on earth, the German standard of living and quality of lifestyle have never been equalled.

The claim that this was achieved through investment in militarism is absurd. If this was true the US would be the richest nation on earth. The US today is impoverished, its infrastructure is collapsing, bankrupt, and it owes $20 trillion.

The Reich’s prosperity sets an example that damns the hideous failures of the victors’ crooked system. Media consider these years a taboo topic because they don’t want you to know in case you draw the right conclusions. It is might not right that wins wars whilst history is the propaganda of the victors. 

Penned in an easy-reading style you learn how Hitler’s Germany achieved financial sovereignty and unequalled prosperity without making (sadly) a single military deterrent. Had Germany put its ingenuity into rocket science rather than infrastructure war would likely have been avoided. 


AMAZION on August 13, 2018, removed this bestselling title from readers buying choice. Amazon does not wish you to discover the quality of Life in the Reich from 1933. This title is no longer available from Amazon, LULU or other Amazon associate book sellers.


LIFE IN THE REICH With 236 original photographs supported by supporting content the reader is left to answer the question, why have we never before been allowed this information. Why does Amazon remove this book and why does Facebook forbid all mention of Life in the Reich.

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