In terms of manufacturing wealth, Hitler’s Germany was second only to the United States. During the 1930s Hitler’s Reich and the German people were so wealthy it was inevitable it would be mugged. Comparisons between life in the Capitalist West and Communist East were being compared to the paradise National Socialist Germany had become. This was a threat to the Capitalist / Communist alliance. 

A taboo topic is the Allied plunder of the defeated Reich. From the onset of war and the cost of millions of lives (and 6 million Jews so we’re told), the Allies constantly spurned Germany’s many reasonable peace offers. To accept would jeopardise opportunity to ransack the Reich.

From as early as February 1943, the USSR established the Trophy Brigades. Their purpose was to ransack and to share with the Allies the spoils of war. Every German home, thousands of factories, tens of thousands of cars, millions of captive slaves became the prize of war.

Germany’s entire merchant marine and manufacturing base became war booty. The ransacking of Germany reduced the Reich to an empty shell. Plunder included surrender to Stalin 21 nations including Poland for whose territorial integrity the war was started. Don’t laugh, it is not a laughing matter. 

Ralph Keeling, Institute of American Economics: “The sacking of Germany will go down in history as one of the most monstrous acts of modern times. Its excess beggars description and its magnitude defy condemnation.”

“I felt sorry for the German people.  We were planning, and we had the force to carry out our plans, to obliterate a one mighty nation.  I had an uneasy feeling that those eighty million Germans somehow or other would survive to fight again.”  U.S. Admiral Daniel Leahy. 


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  • Yes, this is little known in the West. One can make the case that the US was interested in expanding the war and participating in it to destroy the 2 nations that would be its competitors in world markets, Germany and Japan. (As well, Prof Tansill’s book, Back Door to War (1951), shows that FDR was doing everything to provoke Japan and Germany as his New Deal had been an abysmal failure.)

    The Americans did loot German intellectual property and Reich’s Bank gold in 1945. The Germans were (and are) an industrious and inventive people that produced high quality manufactured goods that the rest of the world wanted. This is yet another reason why the victorious Allies do not hold the moral high ground even though their self-serving propaganda paints them as so noble and holier than thou.

    (Mike, on Sunday, 24 Dec, I ordered your book, Life in the Reich, on Amazon here in the US.)

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  • Thank you so much, Larry, yes indeed, this is the reason media hates and fears the online freer media; it’s up to us to make them fear it more by sharing our stories. Do remember to leave a nice reader’s remark on your purchase. 🙂

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  • “Germany has become a dangerous competitor for the principle imperialistic powers of Europe, Great Britain and France. They therefore declared war on Germany and under the pretext of fulfilling their obligations to Poland. It is now clearer than ever how far the real aims of the governments of these powers are from the purpose of defending disintegrated Poland or Czechoslovakia. This is shown only by the fact that the governments of Great Britain and France have proclaimed that their aim in this war is to smash and dismember Germany, although this is still being concealed from the mass of the people under cover of slogans of defending ‘democratic’ countries and the rights of small nations! – Soviet Foreign Commissar, Vyacheslav Molotov, 6th Session Supreme Soviet, 29 March 1940.

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