In terms of material wealth, Hitler’s Germany was second only to the United States. With absolute certainty, it can be said that the German people were wealthier, healthier and happier than any other peoples on earth. Germany was ripe for plunder.

A taboo topic is the Allied ransacking of the defeated Reich. From 1939, at the cost of tens of millions of lives, the Allies rejected multiple perfectly reasonable sensible peace offers.

The victors claim is that during the war the German Reich systematically murdered six million Jews plus many others.  Is that so?  Then, saving the lives of these mythical millions would be easy enough. All one had to do was sign an internationally endorsed document agreeing to the inviolable recognition of Germany’s 1939 pre-war borders as agreed upon by the Versailles Treaty.

A simple enough request and easily agreed to until one recalls that the economic and information war on Germany began in February 1933. This was nearly seven years before Britain and the U.S. finally got their sought-after war.

Dressed up as a war to defend the territorial integrity and democracy the real reason for the British, American and Soviet war on the Reich was to plunder the wealth of the world’s richest country.

As early as February 1943, the Soviets established the Trophy Brigades. Their purpose was to join in the ransacking and share with the Allies the spoils of war.  Every German home, thousands of factories, tens of thousands of cars, millions of captive slaves became the prize of war.


Nikita Khrushchev (left) drooled over trophies and as First Secretary of the Communist Party, Premier Nikita Khrushchev was feted by Westminster and British media

Germany’s entire merchant marine and manufacturing base became war booty.  The plundering of Hitler’s Germany was without equal in the history of human conflict. The ransacking reduced the Reich to an empty shell. The allied plunder, not just of defeated Germany but of Central Europe and Eastern Europe, included the surrender of Poland and a further twenty nations to Stalin’s Soviet Union.


The greatest plunderers since Attila the Hun are named and shamed. Among much else ~ and hidden by the West, we identify in lists and images details of the rapacious plunder carried out by the Soviet State, Red Army’s top marshals, generals and other top brass. The plunder included millions of pieces of world-renowned art and precious jewellery, and the German state’s entire gold reserves.

Needless to say, 99 per cent of the plunder had been legally acquired by Germany long before Hitler was elected in January 1933. Still think the war was to defend Poland or restrain the Reich? This book will change every perception you ever had of World War Two.


бронированный укороченный седан «Мерседес-Бенц-770к для Жукова

The Horch 951 A was built specifically for the German President-Chancellor Adolf Hitler.


Hitler’s state car the Horch 951 A in Moscow

Contents: The Trophy Affair, The Trial of the Vultures, Red Army Marshal Georgy Zhukov, Soviet General Ivan Alexandrovich Serov, Alexei Ivanovich Shakhurin, Vasiliy Nikolaevich Gordov, Vasiliy Grigorievich Terentyev, Konstantin Fedorovich Telegin, Leonid Fedorovich Minyuk, Vladimir Viktorovich Kryukov, Lidia Andreyevna Ruslanova, Grigory Ivanovich Kulik, The Trial of the Hapless Major-General Sidnev, Grigory Akimovich Bezhanov, Klepov Sergei Alekseevich, Alexander Ivanovich Brezgin, Viktor Semyonovich Abakumov, Sergei Alexandrovich Khudyakov, Alexander Anatolievich Vadis. Karma for the Red 15th Army, Looting of Germany, Baldin Collection, Looting by the Soviet Union.


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