In sombre mood Russia reflects on the centenary of a coup that presaged a bloodbath that claimed the lives of up to 70 million martyrs. There’s hardly a village library let alone city museum that isn’t marking the tragedy that in 1917 befell Imperial Russia.


Cathedral of St. Nicholas (Kharkov, Ukraine) 1930

Before the seizure Russians accounted for 8 percent of the world population; today it is 2 percent. In Russia were listed 54,174 Christian churches, 25,593 chapels, 1,025 monasteries, military churches and cemetery chapels. By 1987 only 6,893 churches and 15 monasteries remained.

Many times Bolshevism could have been nipped in the bud but to its eternal shame the political elite and corporate dynasties of the West profited enormously from the coup.

Lenin said, “Without big banks socialism would be impossible”. He was likely referring to the $20 million ($416 million now) New York based bank Kuhn, Loeb & Co invested in the ‘revolution’.

By 1922 the dust had settled. Thanks to Western collaboration Imperial Russia was now in the hands of insurgents with little political but much criminal experience.

Western corporations were quick to take advantage of Imperial Russia’s vast resources. The nation’s gold reserves, the largest in the world, disappeared into the bank vaults of the West.

The entire Gulag system and Stalin’s 5-Year Plans, in which it is estimated 40 million slaves perished, were made possible and accessible by western banks and corporations.  

Those in on the kill included Ford, Amtorg Trading Corporation, General Electric, RCA, International Harvester Tractors, Caterpillar; in all over 100 U.S. corporations profiting from Stalin’s slave empire.

“This Soviet Russia toils perpetually along on the arm of the capitalist States.  She took from them her workers, her engineers, her machines: she drew everything from the capitalists’ states. Communists were surviving only on the non-communist institutions of the world.”

The harvesting of human martyrs continued its cruel course. Then, when Bolshevism to all intents and purposes was routed in December 1941 it was rescued by Roosevelt’s Lend Lease rescue package. British aid to preserve Bolshevism likely cost its Far Eastern territories which were left unprotected.

In February 1945 Soviet tyrant Joe Stalin added his signature to those of Roosevelt and Churchill’s on the Yalta Agreement. To Bolshevism was surrendered the lion’s share of plunder including 21 European nations. Ironically, they included Poland for whose territorial integrity the war was begun.

The spoils of war were divided between the Allies. These included 10 million captive slaves; by 1946 there wasn’t even a bicycle to be found in Germany. Tens of thousands of ransacked trains and trucks were used to transport millions of new slaves from transferred territories.

The silence in the West is deafening. Is this because they want the ground left undisturbed?


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  • Lenin kept his personal fortune, which he had gained from plundered art, valuables and gems he had sold, in a Swiss bank. In 1920 alone, Lenin transferred 75 million Swiss francs into his account. (Igor Bunich, “The Party’s Gold”, St. Petersburg, 1992, p. 83.) This was confirmed in The New York Times in the same year.

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  • Unfortunately, the United States perpetuates the triumph of world-wide jewish communism with its continued financial support of Israel at the expense of the American tax-payer. The jewish elite continue to plunder the coffers of the West and laugh at the surrender of freedom to self-imposed guilt over the loss of ‘the good fight’ against communism! Such insanity.

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    • We are now seeing television ads airing in the US that seek to induce or solicit financial contributions (by individuals) to Israel. As we have said before, the pro-Israeli lobby and the Jews would not have so much clout in Washington but for the tens of millions of Christian Zionists (really counterfeit Christians) here in the US. Christians need to reject this vile heresy of Christian Zionism.

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  • Judaic Communism: The Documentary Record Michael Hoffman (link from one of your pictures on this page)
    The Jewish nature of bolshevism is the KEY to waking up the gentiles to the fact they are being had! The ‘victims’ were actually the vindictive, bloody-thirsty victimisers!

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  • Here is the most genocidal political movement in world history, which created the largest concentration camps and the most horrendous slave labor system of the 20th century, in which millions of gentiles and Christians were slaughtered.
    (on the size of the Gulag concentration camp system cf. C. Andrew and O. Gordievsky, KGB: The Inside Story and N.Y. Times, Oct. 22, 1990, p. 82.
    None of these camps are being preserved for posterity. Most were destroyed long ago by special military brigades;
    cf. Michael Specter, “Cold Reminder,” N.Y. Times, Dec. 3, 1994).

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