THE AIRWAVES CRACKLE … well, they did so before the digital age arrived. It is always good to eavesdrop on Andrew and Mike as they chat about crossing the bridge from 2017 to 2018.
This week’s radio get-together puts us in the picture regarding recently published stories ignored by media. Those listening in get high on the lowdown on the most recently published book blockbusters. Listen in to the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock and Mike Walsh broadcast. 
We discussed: if there were any ritualistic or racist motives behind the Jewish Bolsheviks murder of Tsar Nicholas II; how Eli Weisel grabbed my ass; how the Machiavelli Center of Political and Strategic Studies has revealed that a number of European countries are facing the biological and physical extinction of their national ethnicities; Hitler’s love of the Irish; how 2018 is the 50th anniversary of Mike’s involvement in Nationalistic politics; how Facebook is pandering to Israeli extremists; how Poland has give the European Union the finger with regard to immigration; how the media only ever report negative stories about White People; and many other topics.

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