A department store’s politically correct Christmas advert has badly backfired. The promotion by Debenhams, which owns 178 department stores, was based on the story of Cinderella; what could possibly go wrong.


Plenty it seems. In November 2017, the retailer released their Christmas advert. Narrated by actor Ewan McGregor the promotion took inspiration from the fairy tale story of Cinderella.


The TV advert focuses on a beautiful woman called Ellie, who is travelling on a train. When she leaves the train, she forgets to take one of her sparkling stiletto shoes with her.  A stranger on the train picks up the shoe and then uses social media (rather than handing it into the Lost Property Office) to try and locate the woman who has lost her shoe.

Facebook fails to reunite the missing shoe with its owner. By happy coincidence the stranger, who just happens to be carrying the shoe, bumps into the owner of the sparkling stiletto. The woman and the stranger then start kissing each other.


This grotesque Debenhams Christmas advert features a black guy and a beautiful white woman, a complete stranger to her. Predictably, Britain’s pro-black media praised the politically correct advert.

Although it is claimed that non-Europeans are numerically insignificant as many as 80 percent of adverts feature coloureds. This gives the false impression that Britain has embraced diversity.

Interestingly, advertising agencies invariably cast black males with white women. Rarely does one see a white male with a coloured woman.

Whatever the motivation for the Debenhams Christmas advert 2017, it has not helped the troubled department store.  Following weak sales over the Christmas period shares in the Debenhams chain plummeted. Hardly a happy ending for a store whose shares have fallen 44 percent over the past year. Debenhams now face store closures and job cuts.

City analysts scratch their heads trying to discover what could possibly have gone wrong. Could it be that people are coming to their senses? Perhaps a Congolese Cinderella can wave her magic wand to help them out?

One thing is clear; the customer shows he is king by shunning politically correct advertising. Buyers are fed up to the back teeth with multiculturalism and are sick to death of political correctness in advertising. The Debenhams Christmas advert appears to have had the opposite effect of what was intended. In other words, the advert drove people away from Debenhams.


Financial Investment.


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  • Rebuilding the ‘color line’ will take some work. I often wonder about what is the best way to do this- personally, I give mixed couples a dirty look when I encounter them. Or shake my head as if to say “you poor idiot, this is so sad’ (aimed towards the white girl in the mixed couple ). I would like a list of the advertising firms that create the mixed ads, to confront them personally. It seems white women are particularly vulnerable to the race mixing signals they get , they see blacks as the underdog, the oppressed, needing their aid, while at the same time blacks have been socially elevated while whites have been demoted in status. We must press our cause and make the (((enemy))) cease their war upon the white genome.

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  • So basically this ad says to blacks that, if you do a good deed for a white women, you get kisses (or more) as a reward. Good image to communicate that white women are easy, and want black men. Way to encourage sexual assault.

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