A German journalist has been sentenced for criticising Islam on Facebook. Michael Stürzenberger will serve a 6-month sentence and 100 hours of community service for speaking out against Islam.

The imprisoned journalist and other dissidents can take heart from a note that was left in Landsberg Prison upon which a message was penned by Adolf Hitler during his imprisonment: “When freedom falls the best men meet in prison.”

An Orwellian nightmare has descended on Merkel’s tormented refugee overrun regime. Common is the arrest of ordinary Germans who express an opinion critical of the regime.

According to Info Wars, “Michael Stürzenberger, who previously campaigned against the construction of a mega-mosque in Munich, posted a photo on Facebook of Adolf Hitler shaking hands with Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, during World War II.

This was accompanied by a passage of text in which Stürzenberger asserted that Islam is a fascist ideology and that “political correctness has long prevented this fact from being openly stated.”

For this thought crime, the journalist with a reputation for disliking Hitler was slapped with a 6 month suspended jail sentence and 100 hours of community service.”

A commentator says, “The political elite do not want the masses to speak up and criticise Islam. They are clearly doing everything in their power to punish those who do so.  Are they trying to send a sign to others who may wish to do the same, almost certainly?”

Repression and intimidation in Germany is widespread; ordinary Germans have learned what it was like to live in Stalin’s Soviet Union. No one dare to speak out lest they be reported for ‘hate speech’.

Ironically, the Soviet regime softened its stance after the assassination of Stalin and the end of the Khrushchev era. An elderly German pensioner said that life was far better in the Soviet controlled German Democratic Republic (GDR) than it is in Merkel’s madhouse.


German tourism like that of France has all been destroyed by fear of refugee violence and government repression. Many tourists travelling through Germany and Austria find they are sharing packed trains with refugees who often outnumber them.



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  • Merkel was an East German Communist, I believe, earlier in her adult life. Info Wars (cited above) and Alex Jones cannot be fully trusted. Jones is a shill for Israel.

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  • It is quite likely, although I don’t know of any proof, that Merkel worked for the Stazi. The tragedy of Germany is that a once great people have so many who don’t want this vile traitor to be killed. No death could be too bad for a vermin like Merkel. Of course Germany is still militarily occupied by the US over seventy years after the catastrophe in 1945 and only jews and the most despicable German traitors are allowed to wield power over the German people. The Morgenthau Plan was merely delayed, not scrapped, only now it applies to all white countries.

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