Contrary to propaganda Adolf Hitler never proposed the ‘Big Lie Technique’. In Mein Kampf, Germany’s former Chancellor states clearly that the Jews use the big lie technique to weave the most fantastical lies in history. The German leader’s remark was an accusation, not an endorsement.

The big lie technique is used by the Western powers to justify the invasion of Iraq, Russian, Chinese, or North Korean threat. The big lie justifies the invasion of Afghanistan, the so-called ‘War or Terror’, 9/11, the overthrow of the Libyan government, Israel’s occupation of Palestine, Syrian President Assad’s use of chemical weapons.

Mahmoud on the holocaust

Speaking on the Egyptian AlHadath Alyoum mainstream television channel Aahmad Suleimn said the holocaust is “a nonsense story invented by the Jews for extortion purposes.”

The mainstream journalist went on to say that “Britain and the United States spread rumours about the extent of the Nazi massacres, and about the annihilation of East European Jewry to serve their own political and economic interests.”

Speaking on January 27, the popular newsman said, “Today is the international day commemorating the greatest lie in history: the holocaust, that nonsense story invented by Jews, who have been using it for years to extort the world.

“The Jews spread this lie by using their influence and their arsenal of media outlets. They label anyone denying the story as an anti-Semite. They falsely claim that during World War II, upon a decision supposedly made by Hitler, over six million East European Jews were burned in ovens, designed especially for that purpose.”

The mainstream journalist added, “The Jews use the story about the holocaust as a means of political and material extortion and in order to gain the sympathy of the world. This is of course completely groundless. They pretend to be the victims, while they are, in fact, the number one perpetrators of genocide, robbing and plundering the rights of others.



“This led many writers and historians to doubt the story of the holocaust, first and foremost, a French researcher and historian Paul Rassinier, who wrote that ‘not a single document exists anywhere in the world about the holocaust, and there is not a single blueprint or design of the alleged gas chambers. It has been proven historically that the utilities were used to disinfect the clothes of Jewish prisoners and camp guards, due to the spread of epidemics at the time. As for the crematoria, they were regular ones, which were used to get rid of the corpses of people who died during the epidemics.

Who Can Deny Cash Chambers

“Obviously, Hitler and the Nazis were harsh on the Jews, but they did not kill or annihilate them. They used them to build railroads and to pave roads. They worked in military factories for the sake of the arsenal of the Nazi army.

Another damning refutaton

The Jews have been shouting that six million East European Jews were killed in the holocaust, but all the historians say that the number of Jews in Eastern Europe back then never exceeded five million because many of them had emigrated to America or Palestine, the so-called Promised Land.”

Auschwitz deaths reduced o one million

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