The ‘Six Million Glasses’ Hamburg retail store has been incinerated for its callous name. A German optometry store has since admitted to the insensitivity of its shop name, which evokes Holocaust connotations. The store’s owner promises to change it and says the name was inspired by TV series Six Million Dollar Man.

Media reports say, “A Hamburg optics store received widespread criticism for its insensitive choice of name, Six Million Glasses, which evokes a Holocaust connotation of the six million Jews killed by the Nazis as well as the image of a huge pile of glasses, disposed of by Auschwitz victims as they went to their deaths. The store announced that they will change the name to 1 Million Glasses.”

By reducing the figure from 6 to 1 million this short-sighted avowal could lead to the hapless optician being charged with holocaust denial.

An insider, who refused to be named, says “maybe he should call it the 10 Million Glasses’. This ruse would side-step controversy and any necessity to pay €6 million compensation in an out of court settlement.”

Many claims that the Jewish lobby would clearly see through such a 1 million deception. A Hamburg member of the city’s main synagogue says, “If he did so the store’s owner would make a spectacle of himself.”

An internet debate raged on with some demanding the store change its name and others saying it was a non-issue that some Israelis blew out of proportion.

The store now says it will change its name to prevent any misunderstanding. The name was changed on its website and Facebook page, but its logo still includes the number 6, and the shop’s sign has not been changed yet either. The store, however, is promising to do so.

Omer Frenkel, 45, an Israeli conductor working in Germany, was one of the first people to raise the issue on Facebook. He expressed exasperation at the fact that it did not occur to anyone at the shop that the name can be considered hurtful.

“From my experience living in Germany, I can say that there is a lot of ignorance regarding the holocaust. In Israel, via the education system, the words “six million” automatically connote the holocaust… education in Germany is lacking.”

In an effort to pacify politically correct pursuers the store issued a news statement: “We support social tolerance. Our staff is racially diverse and in the past, we have assisted refugees and even given away free pairs of glasses during the crisis. The Holocaust connotation never occurred to us until a woman pointed it out last year.”

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