The Irish governing regime has been pilloried for paying journalists to spin good news stories about a scheme dubbed Project Ireland 2040. Unveiled by the government last week with a commitment to spend €116 billion, the document outlines plans to add a further one million people to the 4.7 million Irish populations. Ethnic cleansing of the Irish people will be accelerated by encouraging further mass immigration from the Third World.

Ireland or Where

In effect, money taken by force from Irish taxpayers is paying for the nation’s assassin to do his work. The government’s self-appointed strategic communications unit recently raided the country’s bank to sponsor national and regional newspapers news spun to promote Ireland 2040. The bribes are aimed at encouraging the writing of news content that “does not include negative or critical content”, says The Times.

Speaking in the Irish parliament, opposition leader Micheál Martin branded the government’s use of the media (presstitutes) to promote its scheme ‘ethically dubious’.

“The blurring of the lines is genuinely worrying from a parliamentary democracy point of view. The Taoiseach (prime minister) will say he is promoting government but even the dogs on the street know he is using taxpayers’ money to promote Fine Gael politically.”


Fine Gael party is similar in political stance to Britain’s Labour Party and the far-left in the EU. The Irish regime’s Project Ireland 2040 scheme has been slammed on social media as a “pyramid scheme” to enrich investors by adding consumers at taxpayers’ expense, and as a globalist programme to replace the native population.


Hagan Krell says, “Doubling the population of every city outside Dublin through mass immigration to drive up consumption and inflate housing costs to prop-up a pyramid scheme economy is not an intelligent idea. It is going to wreck the nation and enrich only the landed gentry and those at the top.

The government has also come under attack for plans to open a centre for 115 asylum seekers in a heritage town home to one of Ireland’s oldest traditional festivals. Local media reports that on Friday a public meeting called to discuss the plans was attended by more than 100 concerned locals, many of whom argued the town of just 300 residents lacks the services needed to cater for so many new arrivals.

no forcing out of asylum seekers

Mad Merkel mania or Soros money clearly corrupt Irish politicians too. Mass migration from the third world has been a controversial topic in recent months, with reports that gangs of teenagers of African origin terrorising locals across Dublin.

African males are wreaking havoc throughout the capital, according to police. The overstretched cops say the offences range from shouting and intimidating old people in large groups to assaulting and robbing people of all ages, often with deadly weapons such as large knives.”

Scathingly, Ard Ri Gatsby says “this is nothing but a blueprint to the total demise of the Irish people, flooding the country with non-Irish immigrants, overwhelming the population, where will these immigrants come from, the Third World, not America, not Europe. They want us gone.”

A source told the Irish Sun: “It’s not just vulnerable OAPs suffering here, innocent kids are afraid to go out and play. Gardaí (police) had to respond to one incident in Swords where a 14-year-old boy was stripped down to his pants at knife point on the street just so they could rob him and ridicule him at the same time, that’s what you’re dealing with here.”

Opposition Fianna Fail TD Jack Chambers said the behaviour of African gangs is a major problem that has left many of his constituents living in fear and scared to leave their homes.

Putting the gang members’ anti-social attitudes down to “cultural differences”, Independent Councillor Tony Murphy reported that police risk causing a mini-riot any time they try to arrest one of the offenders.

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