The lighter side of politics is revealed in two of the ten news stories discussed in the latest broadcast partnered by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock. Globally, this week’s stories censored by mainstream have shared a total of 1,518 times. Eat your hearts out, mainstream presstitutes.
PUTIN THROWS THE GAUNTLET DOWN AT THE JEWS (198) soared, especially on other channels. A DARK LOOK FROM MEDIA (147) was again opportunity to expose and humiliate newspaper, radio and television corporates and their anti-white Shabbos Goy.
THE BRITISH WHO FOUGHT FOR HITLER (321) was one of our most popular stories ever.
IF YOU CAN’T STAND THE HEAT (57) was a humorous account of Angela Merkel literally fleeing from the parliamentary chamber after she was publicly blitzed by the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party.  This story deserved more than 57 shares.
Humour again with the CLOWN WINCE OF CANADA (128), a story that covered the hapless premier’s disastrous trip to India. It seems everyone took to their hearts the story about Marine Le Pen’s visit to the U.S. THE RISING STAR OF FRANCE (250) was very popular.
THE SPOIL OF WAR is a topic covered before but still deserved more than 25 shares. In a news sense, Germany’s disastrous chancellor Angela Merkel is always popular and MERKEL’S MARAUDERS (164) was no exception.
The UK was covered too by the super exposé on the corrupt political elite. THEY SPIT IN OUR FACES collected 160 shares. The week had begun on a humorous note in the breaking news story, WAS A GERMAN OPTICIAN FRAMED (68).
Michael speaker with title ! 208 Scan
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