The Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS were great warriors and it may surprise you who say so. But, who could argue? Right from the start the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS were woefully outnumbered. By June 1941, the armed forces of Germany, smaller than the state of Texas, were outgunned and outmanoeuvred by the world’s three greatest armies.

Had the Reich not been overwhelmed by the combined forces of the British, Soviet and American empires, their epic resistance would have ranked with the most heroic battles in world history.

When on June 22, 1941, the Washington-backed Bolshevik regime poised to overwhelm Europe by attacking first the Reich, the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS assailed and threw back the 4.5 million troops of the American armed Soviet Red Army.

Within weeks, the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS were at the gates of Moscow and Leningrad (St. Petersburg); soon afterwards their German and Axis troops would be storming Stalingrad (Volgograd).

The Red Army, financed, armed and clothed by Britain and the United States, was routed. The cruelest army in the world in all but name was vanquished in 24-weeks.

Bolshevik Occupied Russia was saved only by Britain, the United States and Canada launching the greatest rescue operation in history. When, because of America’s Lend-Lease Act, the tide turned, it would take the combined forces of three world empires three years to recover territory taken by the comparatively smaller armies of the Reich in 24-weeks.

To my recollection, the quality of the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS has only been acknowledged once by a leading British historian. However, three outstanding Russian writers unanimously admired and saluted the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS. Soviet writer Daniil Granin, born 1919, suffered the cruelest winter of all when for three years he and his Red Army comrades survived the German blockade of Leningrad by German and Finnish troops.

“The Germans fought better, much better than our soldiers. Moreover, we`ve managed to win that war only by human flesh.”

Boris Vasiljev was a Red Army battle officer during WW2. He and his comrades defended Moscow. He says,

“The Nazi Germans waged war perfectly. Even when they were encircled, they fought excellently. I know it. I saw it by myself.”

The esteemed author of several military and patriotic novels went on to say, “We`ve managed to win the war by chance, absolutely. Ewald von Kleist (German Field Marshall Paul Ewald von Kleist) simply decided to stop his tanks for several days just near Moscow. Therefore, the Soviets received some free time in order to transfer the fresh troops, which attacked the Germans very successfully.”

Former Soviet General Andrej Andreevitch Vlasov is today dismissed as a “vicious pro-Nazi collaborator and traitor”, Vasiljev considers Russia’s greatest general, who defected to the Reich, absolutely differently:

“(General Andrej Andreevitch Vlasov) Vlasov was magnificent, a proper Russian national military commander. He decided to revenge himself upon Stalin, who committed terrible crimes against all the peoples of Russia. Vlasov had high ideals of a Bolshevik free Russia, as well as the real sense of responsibility towards his soldiers.”

The Red Army generals en masse were the direct opposite as compared with Vlasov, thinks Vasiljev:

“There were killed 1.300.000. Russian soldiers near Rzhev due to the incompetence and corruption of Soviet commanders. “Nobody speaks about the terrible tragedy so far in my country.”


Andrey Andreyevich Vlasov fought in the Battle of Moscow.

The late Viktor Astafjev fought was on the Soviet-German front from 1941 to 1945: He says, “The Germans fought much, much better, in all respects. The Communists chose to shed rivers of Russian blood literally in order to win the war. The Soviets won over Germany only by their extreme brutality and inhumanity.”

Asked who the most formidable commander of World War II was the esteemed writer is firm.

“It was Field-Marshall Erich von Manstein, of course. He managed to push three Bolshevik armies into the Azov and Black Seas with the help of two German corpses only. He was the great military genius, yes, really!”


The celebrated Russian historian was invited to pass verdict on Red Army Marshal Georgy Zhukov?


“An honest Russian patriot, ha! This bastard covered half-Europe by the millions of the Russian guys` corpses by his extremely sadistic personal kind of war waging. He (Zhukov) deserves neither honour, nor respect, never.” ~ Story related by Alexander Mezentsev.

Soviet General Georgy Zhukov is one of the most overrated military figures of all time. He is, in fact, responsible for more Red Army war dead than can be attributed to the military might of Germany. His Operation Mars alone cost the USSR an estimated 335,000 dead, wounded and missing men and more than 1,600 tanks. Crude and unprofessional, he was no hero but a greedy looter who squandered the lives of millions of his own men and hoarded millions of dollars’ worth of stolen loot.

The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (401) Michael Walsh – Zhukov: Wretched Marshall Of The USSR

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