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NATO media is today tying itself in knots as they absurdly try to explain away the popularity of a national leader whose only rival for voter approval is Adolf Hitler, German President-Chancellor 1933 – 1945.

Today the world celebrates the resounding 77% votes cast in favour of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Compliments from western warmongers are muted, ungracious and in the case of alien-owned (cough, cough) media downright insulting.


Russian presidential candidate Vladimir Putin voting at a polling station in Moscow

Western Russophobe media had to forego the usual screening process of readers’ letters. The Daily Mail’s most popular letter writer pointed out that the Russian Federation’s elections were clearly fair and free of cheating and rigging.


Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev voting at a polling station in Moscow

This one line summed up the findings of the international observers. No one could argue with Valentina Matvienko, the Federation Council speaker;


Valentina Matviyenko, the Chairman of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation is the presiding officer of the Upper house of the Russian parliament. The third highest position, after the President and the Prime Minister.

“No country has such a transparent election system. The legitimacy of the election cannot be doubted.”


The queue of voters at a polling station in the city of London

Will Britain and Germany watch and learn; their governing regimes are deeply unpopular gangs of coalition thieves hanging on to power only by horse-trading votes that insults all concepts of democracy. In France, even the electoral commission conceded that vote-rigging in the presidential elections was endemic.

Neither of the European Union’s two presidents is elected; nor are the 27 commissioners who in effect rule Western Europe with an iron fist.


Voters in the French Embassy

Is history repeating itself? Once again an ex-serviceman unpredictably emerges from the ranks of the ordinary man. Imposing his personality, courage and flair on a country laid bare by the capitalist west’s hyenas and vultures he hurls the moneylenders from the counting houses and restores his nation’s equal standing to the rest of the world.


Elections at a polling station in the Russian cultural center in Athens

Again, the world’s most popular leader is constantly vilified, threatened with war; endures economic blockades orchestrated by the international Jewish-controlled banking houses and their malign press corporations.


Employee of the Russian Railways votes at a polling station at the Kazan railway station in Moscow

We have seen it all before; one can only pray that on this occasion the power of the people, unleashed by the less controlled internet, is wise and brave enough to avoid yet another calamitous capitalist war. What can the peoples of the West learn from Vladimir Putin’s Russia is the lesson that wasn’t learned in the first place.


Performance of the musicians at the polling station in Krasnodar

GERMANY ~ RUSSIA 1935 ~ 2018

Restored Christianity as the spiritual foundation of the nation

Patriotism has become a positive force

Restored the country’s economy

Outlawed sexual depravity

Modernised the armed forces

Restored the people’s faith in themselves

Took control of the banks

Encourages a free media ~ within limits

Confines influence of non-government organisations

Scrutinises and controls non-Russian NGO

Respects its nation’s past and culture

Strictly controls immigration

Puts nationals before non-nationals

Atones for and admits past crimes

Condemns Communism

Outlaw’s corruption, pursues, imprisons, exiles oligarchs

Created an agenda to increase a population

Enjoys a 90% plus approval rating

Infuriates Wall Street and Washington

Russia ~ Reich suffers economic warfare

Russia ~ Reich threatened militarily

Returns profits of national resources to the people

Cracks down on anti-state subversion

No evidence of personal enrichment

Vilified by West’s orchestrated mainstream media

Displays of national symbolism encouraged and subsidised

Eliminates social division and class

Unifies the people


Take as long as you wish.

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