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“With our boxes of matches and our necklaces we will liberate our country.” ~ Winnie Mandela.

There are fears that unrest and racial violence could sweep South Africa following the death of Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, one of Africa’s most notorious killers. Ironically, the BBC’s most celebrated anti-apartheid campaigner was responsible for more black deaths than white fatalities. Top comment for sarcasm goes to the Dutch correspondent who writes, “the BBC announces 3 days of mourning.”

Those who recall the transition from separate racial development (apartheid) to Black rule, a euphemism for globalist control, recall Winnie Mandela being constantly eulogised by British media. Her supporters were found also in the anti-Apartheid Movement, heads of Church and the political elite. Needless to say, now that ethnic-Europeans suffer inequality and killings on a horrendous scale, all are silent and notable by their absent cameras and reporters.

! ! Mandela TERRORIST history

The former wife of Marxist revolutionary Nelson Mandela, the firebrand from hell earned her sobriquet for her support of lynching. Tribal ‘justice’ was usually carried out by their black victim being singled out and hacked to death by a black mob.

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Winnie Mandela’s favourite method of killing anyone suspected of not being ‘on message’ was to necklace her intended victim. Africans, some teenagers, were hunted down, pinioned and crucified in ways that defy the imagination.

Winnie Mandela was particularly fond of necklace murders. This gruesome tribal execution entailed a vehicle tyre being placed around the neck of a trussed victim.

For added incendiary effectiveness the tyre was often doused in petrol before being set alight. Crowds, egged on my Mandela, would party as the victim died under the most appalling suffering imaginable. On occasion BBC and ITV cameramen and crews witnessed these killings. Media’s presence invariably gave the killers encouragement of a kind. Such were Mandela’s brutal excesses that even the ANC was forced to distance themselves from her.

Mrs. Mandela was frequently arrested, gaoled, banished and put under house arrest. As far as is known she never once expressed regret over any of the hundreds of necklace killings she was personally responsible for or inspired in others.

Tonight, and for weeks to come, one can expect Western media to laud Mandela’s terrorist tenure. There will be little mention of a female psychopath who obscenely ululated whilst her victims screamed in their final agonies.

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Mandela, who was 81-years of age, died following a failure of her kidneys after being admitted to Milpark Hospital. She had been ill for a number of years.

During her ex-husband’s 27-year imprisonment for terrorist offences, which he freely admitted to, Madikizela-Mandela was supported by media in their campaign to have the killer released. In 1994, control of South Africa passed to Wall Street’s proxy, Nelson Mandela and the African National Congress (ANC).

Winnie Mandela was born in the village of Mbongweni, Bizana, in the Transkei. The Mandela family issued a statement on Monday, stating.

“It is with profound sadness that we inform the public that Mrs. Winnie Madikizela-Mandela passed away at the Netcare Milpark Hospital, Johannesburg, South Africa on Monday 2 April 2018.

The family said it would release details of the memorial and funeral services once these have been finalised.


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  • As die hel bestaan hoop ek die vlamme is net so warm vir haar as wat dit was vir die mense wat sy en haar mede terroriste lewendig uitgebrand het. 100% gemors mens.

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    • Translation: If hell exists, I hope the flames are as hot for her as it was for the people who burned her and her fellow terrorists alive. 100% wasted man.

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      • Correct translation: If hell exists, I hope the flames are as hot for her as it was for the people who were burned alive by her and her fellow terrorists. 100% scum bag.

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  • Good riddance, Holliday is over. Now the fun starts in hell without ceasing forever.

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  • Satan and his infernal demons welcome another dirt bag to the Hell she justly deserves. Rot forever;Witch!

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  • Thank the Heavens that this Marxist, Mau Mau, White hating racist, murdering thing is DEAD. A witch from Africa. look up witch burning in Kenya on you tube. Worse than her necklacing. Watch that too as I have many decades ago. Soweto BBQ.

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  • Well, her and the murdering a hole husband of hers are finally reunited, in hell! Now she knows what burning forever feels like with no let up, ever! She could have a sip of that ice cold water if she could only reach it. It’s always just barely out of her reach, but not out of her sight. Just like the scumbag she married. You know the evil one was laughing and rubbingmhis claws together when he saw her pop up in hell. Did he give her a happy welcome home hug? Happy for him at least. I wonder how loud her never ending was when she saw those flames reach up and set her on fire? The fire that will never go out for her and that murdering pig of a husband. Justice is served, and the ones they murdered finally have justice.

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  • She is being “Necklaced” right this moment constantly without ceasing forever and ever in Hell.

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  • Hey…anyone but me see the comparison of their full nelson, and the other alien obabanoid kenya (kin yea?)

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  • Please send me news via email.

    Good work. Good to know you fight the same struggle as us in South Africa.


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  • The Bitch Witch from Hell returns HOME!

    When are the ethnic-Europeans going to educate themselves to realize that we are Not ‘all the same’. Genetically the ethnic-European race is unique in its natural ability to experience Empathy and Sympathy for the suffering of others – human and animal. Jewish owned Hollywood works relentlessly to destroy these traits and to demean especially the ethnic-European male at every turn.

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  • Did anyone EVER see her without her wig? So much for being proud of her heritage!

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  • It’s amusing, Hell, actually Gehenna is a jewish creation. Hell was a Viking deity. There was no worse idea than to have your worthless jewish carcass tossed upon the ever burning rubbish pile on the plains of gehinnom, where all of the rest of the trash was burned. Since I am not jewish, or christian, I don’t believe in their bullshit ideas of hell. I fully believe in HEL, however and hope that when she unleashes her wrath upon the plague of subhumanity, that they suffer dearly!


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