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British cops have never been so loathed but are they themselves to blame? Despite spiralling crime, the Home Office has dramatically cut the number of serving police officers.

Few in numbers and rare as rocking horse shit on the streets the ‘thin blue line’ cops were insulated from threat by the holy trinity.  Conventionally, the police service was respected. Any attack on a police officer was seen as an attack on the democratic state and otherwise cowardly.

Anyone inclined to assault a police officer ran the risk of being attacked by indignant bystanders. Thirdly, assailants would be aware that state protected witnesses would come forward to incriminate them.

However, such is anti-police sentiment that none of the above any longer applies. British victims of anti-White harassment by the police increasingly regard ‘the filth’ as a liability rather than a service they can trust.

Because of abuse of power, and a taste for political correctness plus outright hostility in attitudes towards the despairing and betrayed public Britain’s cops are as popular as a Negro at a Ku Klux Klan rally.

It is fair to say that Wehrmacht troops stationed in the German-occupied Channel Islands (June 1940 – May 1945) were better respected and even protected by the British citizens resident on those islands.

Victor Olisa, the Metropolitan Police’s former head of policing and diversity in Tottenham has warned that many locals feel unsafe in their city and think the police have lost control of London’s streets.

Such is the public mood that respect for the police is at low ebb and falling. In such a climate potential assailants might be emboldened by a presumption that the public will be disinclined to aid police officers or volunteer as witnesses when they see cops being set upon.

The police have been increasingly slavish towards the non-European communities. However, such toadying is unlikely to earn the police Brownie points from African and Muslim communities.

Despite such toadying the police are as short on respect in the no-go immigrant areas as they are whilst patrolling White working class communities. It is anyone’s guess as to how the police intend to restore universal respect and reduce vulnerability. Their problem it is their solution.

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  • Yes, the police are themselves to blame for the public loathing they receive. Despite government cuts and staff shortages created by Westminster no decent person who cares about the country they reside and the people they are sworn to protect behaves as the police do. Any decent and honourable man/woman would quit their job and refuse to be a political tool of oppression against the indigenous people. They are labelled filth because that’s exactly what they are.

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  • marxistcommunist


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