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Over centuries Europe has been caught up in conflicts hundreds of times. However, with few exceptions life for most people carried on as normal. Typically, during the Napoleonic Wars (1803 – 1815) most Europeans knew of the conflicts only by hearsay.

The current race war is far different. The current invasion is by invitation courtesy of our treacherous political elite, ring-fenced by their media and protected by a fifth column state police force.

Future of Europe

Repression and denial of civil liberties are to be expected when any country is occupied. Again, the invasion and occupation of Europe differs from previous wars. Europeans today have fewer citizen rights than did the French, Belgians or Dutch in German-Occupied Europe. Let that sink in.

We are all in the trenches now: Burying one’s head in the trench sand is helpful to traitors when they plunge their daggers between your shoulder blades and those of your family; your wife and children.  Furthermore, leaving your head in the sand will not offer protection when the scimitar’s whistle is the last thing you and your family hear as you enter whatever afterlife awaits you.

This is not what I ever wanted to say; it is not something you ever wanted to hear, nor your family to see.  The truth is we are all on the front-lines and in the trenches now. The ghosts of the unborn anxiously wait to see what you are capable of.

Posterity, the spirits of your ancestors, your soul-felt god or gods are now watching you. By your actions or inaction they will judge you as a worthy heir or as the abortionist’s assistant. If it is the latter then the fetus will be placed where you fell.

Rise Europa

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