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William Joyce 2

Born to be Britain’s Adolf Hitler, what is written about William Joyce is far more fanciful than any Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale. The intellectual and oratorical gifts of the American born pacifist likely put him ahead of Oswald Mosley as the contender for Britain’s Adolf Hitler.

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William Joyce, born in New York on April 24, 1906, had an Irish family tree to be proud of.  His family had given an entire region of Galway its name, Joyce’s Country.  The Joyce family roots could be traced back to William the Conqueror’s invasion of the British Isles.

Among Joyce’s descendants were three archbishops, three founders of the Dominican College at Louvain, several mayors of Galway, a historian, a nineteenth-century poet-physician, an American revivalist preacher, and noted Irish author and poet, James Joyce.

William’s Joyce’s father, Michael Joyce, emigrated to the United States in 1888.  Four years later he became an American citizen.  Successful in his trade Michael retired to Ireland in 1909.

Michael Joyce considered himself a British citizen. However, he and his wife Gertrude were formally cautioned against the provisions of the Aliens Restriction Order (8 July 1917).

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It doesn’t say much for English justice that the Government passed the Treason Act 1945 the day before Joyce, who had surrendered himself, was flown back to Britain. The American citizen William Joyce was hanged under the terms of this hastily improvised odious Act.

Although Joyce was born in the United States, reared in Ireland, held Irish Republic citizenship, for seven years was a German national, and held a falsely acquired UK passport for a mere 10 months, William Joyce was bizarrely charged by a British court for treason.

Told by MI-6 to get out of England before war was declared on Germany, Joyce obtained the passport as acquiring a legitimate American passport would have taken longer. The Irish-American held his British passport for just ten months.  By no stretch of the imagination could it be evidence of citizenship.

In ordinary circumstances, anyone so charged would be fined and perhaps deported, in his case to the United States. It is inconceivable that such a minor offender would be considered a British national and therefore subject to the British Crown for such an offence.

Hanged by a passport, Joyce held his fatal passport from only September 3, 1939, to July 2, 1940.  However, England’s ruling elite were focused on a public act of vengeance.

William was held in the execution cell at London’s Wandsworth Prison and the pacifist poet was state murdered on January 3, 1946.

WJ grave of the great William Joyce.

Defiant to the end the gallant Irish-American displayed no emotion when confronted by news and scenes from the concentration camps. His claim that such was propaganda and in fact the direct consequence of starvation and disease caused by Allied bombing of communication lines has since been proved true.

Joyce’s last public message reported by the BBC was “In death as in life, I defy the Jews who caused this last war, and I defy the powers of darkness they represent. I warn the British people against the crushing imperialism of the Soviet Union.

May Britain be great once again and in the hour of the greatest danger in the West may the standard be raised from the dust, crowned with the words, you have conquered nevertheless. I am proud to die for my ideals and I am sorry for the sons of Britain who have died without knowing why.”

Proud of my country, disgusted by my govt

William Joyce was a prolific writer of essays, speeches, and books, all of which have been suppressed. The interesting and popular book is what might easily have been titled, My Struggle but was published as Twilight over England.

WJ on NS - Copy

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  • As much as I think highly of the far-seeing, pugnacious and talented William Joyce, it is not correct to write that he “surrendered” to the British, he was spotted by an English Jewish intelligence officer — a captain, if my memory serves me well, in a forrest in northern Germany. As Joyce tried to grab his German ID (possibly bearing an assumed name, but Joyce was indeed a genuine German citizen by now) from his pocket the officer — possibly mistaken by the gesture — shot him in the leg (thus the stretcher on one of your pics)… then Joyce couldn’t escape anymore… Amazing the amount of Jewish ‘intelligence’ (desk) officers who managed to find safely their way deep into defeated Germany when the very last rounds were being fired only to grab essential NS figures (mostly through betrayal)? Almost as impressive as the amount of Jews on stage in various position at Nuremberg (including simultaneous translation by Filene)!




  • True, the two ‘British officers chanced upon him’ as he strolled. Joyce tried to engage them in conversation and the rest is as you say.


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