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The European Union’s ineptocracy * are left fuming as Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban increased his parliamentary majority. Europe’s most popular head of government has reaped 133 of the 199 (66.8) seats in parliament.

Some politicians welcomed the results, including Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis, German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, as well as Christian Social Union (CSU) member Manfred Weber. However, Washington Post columnist Brian Klaas, mouthpiece media for the CIA is apoplectic:

“Orban is an anti-Semitic, racist demagogue and an authoritarian who is destroying Hungarian democracy.”

Why is Orban getting the ‘Hitler treatment?  The premier eliminated unemployment, massively reduced the national debt, expelled George Soros and Rothschild’s Bank. Hungary doesn’t have an immigrant problem and the nation’s economy is Europe’s most promising. Most would say that if this is destroying a country they would like their country destroyed too.

Luxembourg has called for its allies in the bloc, namely Germany and France, to stand against the elected Hungarian prime minister.

The Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn warned that Hungary may even trigger a trend of undermining values and scaremongering.

 “It is up to Germany and France, along with all member states to weigh in clearly on the basis of the European treaties to neutralise this tumour,” the globalist blusters.

Die Welt headline screams, ‘Now Threatening Orbanisation of Europe.  The article warns that the country is on the brink of sinking ‘into a political coma’.

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Historians recall that in the 1930s many European countries poised to adopt the more successful economic model of Hitler’s Germany. (The Programme of the NSDAP) The author raises alarm that “the Orban model of democracy could be picked up by other European states.”

Die Welt says, “They have a deja vu in Brussels: Orban has done all of that before and the Poles are following in. Victor Orban is preparing to become the EU’s gravedigger.”

Media is singing to the same hymn sheet: The editorial of French newspaper Le Monde describes Europe’s most successful premier as a ‘populist and troublemaker’.  It goes on to say, ‘Orban’s success is a serious warning for Brussels that can be interpreted as a strong encouragement for popular (non-globalist) parties in the bloc.’

Writing for De Morgen (Belgium) Maarten Rabaey cautioned Orban’s European allies to take a tougher stance against him for undermining European values.

“It’s time Juncker and his party friends in the European People’s Party warn Orban that he won’t be able to implement his xenophobic and anti-Semitic election program without serious consequences.”

Still, Konrad Krammar writing for Austria’s Daily Kurier, says, “It may be that not Orban, but the EU, has to change its position and face discussion over European values and basic principles. That also means the EU must not summarily dismiss Orban’s ideas as undemocratic or anti-European but give them serious consideration. Europe, whose credibility is already faltering, needs this debate about values,” Krammar stated in an opinion piece.

* Ineptocracy (in-ep-toc’-ra-cy) – a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers. 

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  • How ‘anti-semitic’ of Victor Orban to kick out the international banker Ashke-Nazi House of Rothschild parasite and Ashke-Nazi psychopath Soros, and to refuse to be their puppet partner against his own people.

    How ‘racist’ to be so democratically popular with his pro-Christian ethnic-European peoples for not allowing young Black and Brown Muslims to invade his nation, parasite the wealth of its hard earned labors, and rape its young girls and women.

    Let’s “Orban-ise’ the whole of the west and take our countries back.
    Let’s state clearly: Enough! No further!

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  • The EU was created out of deceit.
    It wasn’t for the convenience of travel and a single currency as falsely promoted.
    It was to remove borders/boundaries toward a Zionist World Government, bolshevist in form, and with no ‘diversity’ (ie no Whiteness) whatsoever.

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