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KEY TO UNDERSTANDING: “Israel doesn’t want an Iranian presence in neighbouring Syria. Israeli fighters attack Syrian airbase T-4; seven Iranian servicemen are killed. Iran swears revenge and Polish-born Benjamin Netanyahu summons Trump who vows to protect Israel from Iranian retaliation. History repeats itself: Poland 1939, emboldened by British guarantees provokes and attacks Germany. The Reich responds and WWII is ignited.” ~ Mike Walsh.

The World European Brotherhood (WEB) has put Trump on final notice, “Don’t Let Israel Force You into War with Syria.”

The savage warning puts Washington DC neocons in the crosshairs of what corporate media dismiss as ‘far right’, ‘white supremacist’ or ‘alt-right’. The WEB is a formidable loose alliance of Israel haters aware that the recent ‘chemical attack’ hyped as President Assad’s doing is a false flag.

Seething at the likelihood of the pimped NATO being prostituted to Israel the Brotherhood has put Trump on final warning to disengage from Israel’s proposed war on Iran. The ‘white-right’ loyalty to Trump has evaporated and has potential to bring massive civil disturbances if not civil war to America’s already smouldering cities.

Trump has come under fire from the ‘far right’ for demonising Russia, China, Iran and Syria. Their so far limited firepower is through both barrels of the internet, Twitter and Gab. The deteriorating situation in Syria is portrayed as an effort by Israel, the deep state and globalist interests to force Trump’s hand and keep United States hegemony in the Middle East.

Virtually all alt-right figures defend Syrian President Bashar Assad. Richard Spencer identified him as a British-trained physician who is one of the most civilised leaders in the Middle East.

Trump’s recent statements of warlike intent were followed by a reportedly tense phone call with Benjamin Netanyahu. The Israeli Prime Minister, currently under investigation for massive fraud, is horrified at the thought of the United States withdrawing their troops from the region. Should this happen Israel is at the mercy of a provoked Iran that would have no hesitation in barbequing Israel.

Last year, when the small-scale U.S. airstrike on a Syrian air base took place in response to the first chemical attack, Spencer and others on the alt-right turned against Trump, criticising the strike as a betrayal of his America First principles. Now they are coming down harshly on him again, warning that they will not support any sign of increased intervention in a foreign conflict that would distract him from his pledge to “Make America Great Again.”

Richard Spencer, David Duke and Michael Walsh side with President Bashar Assad and Russian President Vladimir Putin for protecting Christians and other Middle Eastern minorities from Muslim hordes. Alex Jones in a video uploaded to his 2.3 million YouTube subscribers claimed on Sunday that the Syrian attack had every hallmark of a false flag perpetrated by the globalists “who openly want to keep us (U.S.) there. Trump already bombed Syria once, bombed the Russian base, and it’s so obvious they are trying to suck us into a war,” said Jones.

Many experts agree that a (US / Israel attack) could quickly unravel into a war with Russia, which is exactly what the neocons and the globalists want.

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  • Excellent article, Mike! As well as David Duke’s radio programme and the part you took in it ! Michelle

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  • Mike, everyone I know and are my inner circle couldn’t agree more. I have also noticed more like minded people and my family are of course with me in creating a place removed from cities now where we can survive and protect . Time is wasting,and every day is really critical . I cant believe how ignorant and blind so many”white” people are. But so be it, they will perish with the hordes of our enemies. Have no pity on them at all. The enemy within is the worst and most deceitful. They are now being sorted out every day. The oppression that globalist corporations are putting on our message to our people is backfiring in their face and making our numbers grow in daily awakenings! Your brother , Will

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  • U.S. citizens need to drag themselves out of their psychotic lethargy and MAKE IT ABSOLUTELY CLEAR to
    ZIOTURD TRUMP they will Not tolerate a single war ever against the Middle East nations because these are the international ROBBER BARONS’ geopolitical strategic wars to gain total control of all natural resources of every nation on earth.
    We are now fast waking up to the fact that all the ZioTurd western governments and ZioTurd militaries/police forces are working AGAINST their nations and its peoples and FOR these Robber Barons.


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  • Excellent article Mike. We have now had NATO and the US conduct war after war after war over the last twenty years in pursuit of zionist supremacy over the Middle East, and all of them were based on lies.

    First it was Afghanistan, then Iraq, then Libya, then Syria .Millions of lives have been lost and enormous suffering has been created. The only people who have benefited is the war machine.The US is totally bankrupt.

    Still the jewish entity that controls the United States is not satisfied and demands ever more destruction by invading Syria . Soon it will be Iran then Russia added to the hit list.

    Eventually, the Russians will conclude that either they launch a nuclear strike on the US and the Uk or they risk destruction at the hands of NATO.I know what decision Vladmir Putin will make in this case!!.

    All of us have to inform our fellow citizens that these wars must stop. We cannot allow our vassal governments to sign our death warrant. Let the zionists and israel go to hell.

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