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Unity Valkyrie Mitford (August 8, 1914 – May 28, 1948), Diana Mosley’s sister. After meeting with Adolf Hitler, Unity described it as: ‘…the most wonderful and beautiful day of my life. I am so happy that I wouldn’t mind a bit, dying. I’d suppose I am the luckiest girl in the world. For me, he is the greatest man of all time.’

Unity Mitford, pictured with with Adolf Hitler, 3

An interesting fact: Unity Mitford was born in the town of Swastika, Ontario. Unity was more than just a pretty face. She was said to be intelligent, witty and good-humoured. She was also a dedicated National Socialist and anti-Jew. She wrote an open letter to Der Sturmer, the newspaper of Julius Streicher, which ended: ‘P.S. please publish my name in full; I want everyone to know I am a Jew hater.’


Tragically Unity Mitford died in 1948 from complications from an attempted suicide in 1939 while living in Germany. She shot herself in the head when the war was declared between her homeland of Britain and Germany. Adolf Hitler, who was her friend, visited her in the hospital, paid her bill, and sent her home to England, where she died. Throughout most of her life, she was a staunch National Socialist. She had tried in vain to prevent a war between the two countries.

Unity was returned to Britain via Switzerland after her suicide attempt in Germany

Michael Walsh says, “Diana and I corresponded in the late 1980s. I found her natural and warm with not a trace of class distinction in our correspondence; in a words we were friends. It was always in my mind to visit and pay my respects to the gentlewoman. But, we humans are fallible and on August 11, 2003, her soul soared and we were left without her other than in fond recall.”  According to Irish legend, “the dead are only dead when we stop talking about them.” R.I.P Unity and Diana.


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