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Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is constantly vilified as being a chip off the old Soviet Bloc. This is rich coming from the West that bankrolled the Bolshevik insurrectionists who in 1917 seized Imperial Russia.

Like the vultures they are the west’s banking and industrial corporations descended on Bolshevik occupied Russia and grew fat by making full use of Bolshevik slave labour to advance Western interests.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and Putin

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and Putin

In February 1945 the capitalist west betrayed and gifted more than 21 European nations to the dwarfish bank-robbing terrorist Josef Stalin, history’s most blood-soaked dictator. This dreadful betrayal took place after western capitalism saved Stalin’s Red Terror from certain defeat in the winter of 1941.


Take a look at the signatures on the bottom of The Yalta Agreement, history most double-crossing document. The first signature is that of unelected premier Winston Churchill. The second blood-stained moniker is that of Franklin D. Roosevelt, who afterwards admitted that he lied to get the United States into WWII to save Stalin’s empire.

The third signature on the notorious Yalta Agreement is that of Josef Stalin added after he had smugly observed the signatures of his henchmen being scrawled on history’s most shameful document. These ghastly war criminals are today defended by media that today has the gut-wrenching effrontery to stigmatise Vladimir Putin as being a Communist.

The revered Russian president is hated by Western regimes not because he maintains Soviet aspirations but because he fervently denounces the capitalist-backed Soviet system. Unbelievably, there is no record of the Russian leader’s anti-Communist sentiments being echoed by those who today pillory him as a Soviet leftover.

Russia’s President Putin is the only world leader who correctly states that the victors of World War I were responsible for World War II.  Putin is the only world statesman who states correctly that Germany today is an occupied country just as was East Germany (GDR) before the Red Army departed; the US never did leave occupied Germany. Putin is the only leader who has the honesty to say that the Soviet occupation of Europe was a dreadful mistake.

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Putin is the only world leader who has publicly condemned Communism as being unworkable. Putin is the only statesman who overtly agreed with the Jews that Jewish Bolsheviks were primarily responsible for the Red Terror.

When Russian Prime minister Dmitri Medvedev signed a decree to build the ‘Museum of the Victims of Stalinist Repression’, Russia’s Prime Minister ran the risk of being charged by Israel with anti-Semitism.

Throughout Russia are today situated hundreds of memorials to the victims of Communism. These state-sponsored cenotaphs recognize the suffering and they honour the deaths of tens of millions of Christian victims. These martyrs perished throughout the capitalist-funded and maintained Soviet Gulag slave system of hundreds of camps.

Throughout the west at taxpayers expense are built thousands of memorials to the holocaust.  Yet, unlike Soviet / Capitalist genocide, which claimed the proven lives of not six million but 170 MILLION martyrs, the Jewish holocaust remains unproven.  Despite 73 years of relentless propaganda at least one-third consider the holocaust that shuns independent investigation to be victors propaganda.

Incomprehensibly, there is not a single state-sponsored memorial in the west to the victims of the Soviet Union, the Red Terror and the iniquitous Gulag slave system in which as many as 40 million Christian martyrs were worked to their deaths.

As conceded by Jewish Bolshevik Vladimir Lenin (not his real name) Bolshevism was impossible without western banks’ capitalisation and western corporate support of Stalin’s Five-Year Gulag plans in which tens of millions of innocents including children perished after their being vacuumed up from all over Europe in U.S. Lend Lease trains and vehicles.

When in July 1941 Germany thwarted a prepared Soviet invasion that was beforehand bankrolled by Roosevelt’s Lend-Lease Plan, Germany, and Europe was saved from Bolshevism reaching Western Europe. Documents since released by Putin’s Russia agree that such was the intention of the Roosevelt / Churchill backed the Soviet Union.

By December 1941 Germany had all but defeated the Bolshevik occupiers of Europe’s central land mass. The Soviets, beaten back to the gates of Moscow, Leningrad, and Stalingrad simply did not have the means to do other than surrender. Then, as afterwards conceded by Soviet dictator Josef Stalin and Red Army Marshal Georgy Zhukov, Bolshevism was saved by the United States.

As a direct result of the United States and Westminster ‘Saving Private Stalin’ twenty-one non-Communist nations suffered Soviet oppression for a further 45-years.

This western-backed Soviet oppression that lengthened the war for tens of millions until the collapse of Communism in 1991 is little complained about by Western journalists. The 1945 – 1991 Communist occupation of Europe led to 46-years of anti-Soviet riots and revolution until the Soviet shackles were finally broken in 1989 ~ 1991.

Vladimir Putin is a staunch and practicing Christian who has restored Orthodox Christianity; he is constantly pictured at prayer.  When did we ever see a picture of Stalin, Churchill or Roosevelt at prayer in a Christian Church? Or for that matter premier Theresa May, President Donald Trump or Chancellor Angela Merkel?

The capitalist west and their gutter press will never forgive Vladimir Putin for naming and shaming their satanic progeny.

Lucky Putin

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