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Which part of ‘no’ doesn’t the arrogant unelected Brussels elite understand? EU President Claude Juncker (64) insists that Romania allows into the border-free Schengen zone.

Not a single vote

EU President Claude Juncker. Not a single vote.

The EU president is a fugitive from justice based on a record of tax avoidance. Hungary despairs of the Brussels-based Soviet-style despot who receives regular private visits from notorious human trafficker George Soros.


European Union President Claude Juncker is thought to be the only western leader never to have never stood for election let alone won an election. He believes Romania should act as a conduit route for refugees fleeing from NATO inflamed Middle East crisis zones.

60 Years of EU

Not so fast, judging by Romania’s disdain for Muslims, it looks to be a non-starter. Romanians insist “our children must also grow up in safe and civilized conditions. We don’t want to end up like Western Europe where they are afraid to let children walk to school alone, or for their wives to be alone in the streets.”


Romania is using technology and extra border control agents to prevent Muslims from using Romania as an alternate destination after borders in Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic have been shut down to Muslim invaders.


A community in the North-western county of Satu Mare in Romania threatened to unleash violence if the Government proceeds with its partnership with an NGO to build a “refugees” centre for Muslims in their hometown.


Romanians protest construction of a mosque in Bucharest in 2016, and a year later it has yet to start. A disgruntled and angry Romanian says,

 “Our faith (Christian) and traditions have kept us united for thousands of years. We don’t even want to hear the idea of a mega-mosque in Bucharest. We won’t accept mandatory quotas of Muslim migrants. We haven’t forgotten what the Ottoman Turkish Muslim Empire did.”

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