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The West’s sanctimonious posturing over the Skripal and Syrian chemical attacks, without evidence and both unproven is coming close to plunging the world into a world war. The incidents, thought by most to be false flag operations, have been used by corporate media to create war psychos that will reduce opposition to what could be the last war for mankind.

Conveniently forgotten, the numerous conflicts ignited by Washington and Westminster in which the most toxic chemicals in history have been sprayed over entire populations.

May, Harlot of Hypocrisy

For ten years during the Vietnam War, the United States used a toxic concoction of two herbicides, labelled Agent Orange, to wipe out large areas of Vietnam which were covered by thick jungle. The aim was to enable easier and more effective bombing of enemy bases. The issue was, Agent Orange wasn’t just an herbicide; it was also a deadly weapon, as it contains large amounts of dioxin.

! Chemical warfare, regions saturated by Agent Orange

Chemical warfare, regions saturated by Agent Orange

Agent Orange was discovered in the year 1943 by American botanist Arthur Galston. Between the years of 1962 and 1971, the US army showered the deadly chemical over Southern Vietnam as part of the military operation “Ranch Hand”, or “Trail Dust.”

Agent Orange 2

In total, more than 20 million gallons of Agent Orange was used. Sadly, Agent Orange did more than contribute to the deforestation of vast areas of land. It also contaminated air, water, and food sources.

History Rundown reports that in high concentrations dioxin triggers severe inflammation of the skin, lungs and mucous tissues. Sometimes, the toxicity can result in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pulmonary edema, and even death. The highly effective carcinogen is also known to affect the eyes, liver, and kidneys, and to cause laryngeal and lung cancer.

As a result of using Agent Orange during the Vietnam War, more than 400,000 people were killed or maimed and at least 500,000 children were born with mild to severe birth defects. Additionally, 5 million acres of forests and millions more of farmland were destroyed. Agent Orange is said to have killed 10 times more people than all chemical weapons combined.

! Chemical. Depleted Uranium

Today, many Agent Orange victims like lepers live in Peace Villages. These are communities where workers care for them and try to give them a normal life. However, normal will never truly be possible for most, as mutations caused by Agent Orange still affect the people and the children of Vietnam.

! Chemical. US Chemical Weapons

Those who can live in Peace Village are luckier than some of their siblings. Reportedly, some victims of the chemical agent are too deformed to even survive childbirth.

“There is a room at the hospital which contains the preserved bodies of about 150 hideously deformed babies, born dead to their mothers,” one charity worker said.

“Some have two heads; some have unbelievably deformed bodies and twisted limbs. They are kept as a record of the terrible consequences of chemical weaponry.”

Veterans who served in the Vietnam War, as well, returned to US soil reporting unusually high rates of lymphoma, leukaemia, and cancer. The rates were highest among those who worked with Agent Orange directly. 

! Chemicals on VNChemical weapons

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  • An excellent article, or post.It’s very graphic,but then again it needs to be i.e. to wake up the slumbering masses to the psychopathic oligarchs who truly run our government and out traitorous politicans,This may seem to be an aside,but I can’t atop thinking if Hitler and the Third Reich had won the war, I don’t think we would have to contend with this sort of insanity, and that humanity would be living healthier and saner lives. Cheers from Canada!!

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  • It sickens me to see how the western powers have left a trail of destruction across the world over the last century, killed and maimed millions, and have gotten away with it.

    The west has put dozens of leaders from developing nations on trial, but its own leaders who order the wars are immune.

    This evil is just going to keep happening unless we find a way to remove and prosecute theses criminals then give them the punishment they deserve.

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  • I wonder when people will figure out (((who))) their countries are in debt to??? No one seems to ask, to whom do we owe money? Once that very simple question is answered, the rest makes sense.

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  • The Jewnited States is in for some horrific KARMA! “As you sow so shall you reap”
    Remember folks when our governments act immorally and we remain silent about it:

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