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This is a great book! It is choc-a-block full of quotes, images, and information that shows clearly what the agenda is and who is behind it. This is not guess-work. This book is a fabulous resource for anyone who wishes to know the truth, or who wishes to share the truth with others. I highly recommend this book.” ~ Monika Schaefer.

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A ‘EUROPE ARISE’ purchaser writes: “The book is very concise and describes how alarming the situation has become in Europe. Governmental policy is aimed at destroying the homes of European peoples and their way of finding their own happiness.

This is to be supplanted by a cosmopolitan fantasyland of eternal international street fairs, various ethnic peoples milling about, coming and going and destroying what constitutes stability, the fertile ground for culture and healthy communities.”

Examples illustrate both the official suppression of news about any resistance as well as measures taken to eliminate the Europeans’ way of life and their ethnic being.

The book Europe Arise also shows the encouraging development in Eastern Europe where it is still remembered that Russian communism choked their desire for national freedom for so long. Europe is the home of Europeans.

It is the only place in the world Europeans can call home and where they have the right of the major domus. It should be their affair how they want their future to look and not the outcome of some back room dealings between politicians with more or less infantile plans of how the world ought to look like according to their personal wishes.

If politicians abuse their position and if they can’t act according to the oath of office they swear to further the prosperity and the happiness of their respective nations and peoples, they must leave their office and hand the responsibility of it over to those who love their own kind and Europe as the birthplace of modern civilisation. Europe Arise is an appeal to all Europeans and those who love Europe to stand up for it and defend it.

EUROPE ARISE is multi-content beautifully bound and illustrated handbook for ethnic-Europeans wherever they are in the world. Chapters include what do globalists work towards? The snakes at our breasts, corrupt parliaments, why dissidents are persecuted, the politicians, media and police enemy within.

There is much to cheer about as you turn the pages of what has been described as the Whiteman’s DIY manual. Europe’s counter-revolutionaries, Join the resistance, Race mixers are on the run, Marine Le Pen, Real men Defend their Race, the Voices of White Ethnic Liberty, Join Ethnic Europe’s counter-revolution, forget the doom and gloom, the White crown upon the earth.

In EUROPE ARISE you find great stories that will inform and inspire: Who will speak for Europe? The rape of Paula, Times they are a Changing, The Children of the Dust, The True Facts about Slavery, When European Woman Breaks her Chains, The White Slaves of Europe, an Open Letter to the Real Race Haters, those who destroy all ethnic groups through race-mixing.

This fascinating pocket manual will charge your quote batteries in the ethnic-Europeans favour. In fact, Europe Arise is one of the few books that make you bless the day you were born ethnic-European.”

EUROPE ARISE is two books in one as you learn crisis management, race conservation, read about the nightmare world prophesied by George Orwell. Discover how to be a citizen journalist, write the newspaper’s ‘letter of the week’, your combat kit for race survival, beware Facebook, don’t fall for self-hate deceits, learn how to fight smarter not harder, learn self-defence and discover how to protect yourself from corrupt cops and journalists.

You have women in your family, wife, girlfriends, moms, and sisters, nieces, and daughters. Teach them how you to morph into killing machines if attacked.

Pax Lee writes: “Mike is a great Nationalist and a fantastic writer. This book clearly explains what is happening and what we can do about it to stop the death of the indigenous European peoples. The world will be a worse place if this great continent is left to go into ruins, like all other third world countries and continents.”

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